Can't find fabric I like........
susiecake2880February 5, 2013
Where do I go for good fabric? I am not liking anything at - JoAnne, G Street and Calico Corners. I want something that is bright, colorful, contemporary, whimsical and floral. I am in the DC area and am willing to travel to any part!
Thanks for your help/advice!
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Schumacher, Robert Allen, Waverly and Marimekko are possibilities. The first three are available through upholsterers and decorators. Check the Marimekko website to see if you like their fabrics.
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I would check out the options on etsy and (premiere prints is contemporary). I can't speak to quality of individual brands and what is available may depend on your intended use, but there are so many options you may at least be able to find a print you want and go from there. I purchased fabric from the etsy shop moderncloth to make an upholstered headboard for my son's room and was very happy with it.
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Susan Flowers
I just got samples from They send nice samples for $1, no shipping charge, and I got them in 2 days....I have them hanging to decide which I will use as drapes....I was actually looking for a fabric by clarke and clarke, made in England...found it at decorators best which has a lot of high end fabrics, but the $40/yard price was not in my range for patio door curtains with dogs....but they have many high end fabrics..... I was also looking for bright and graphic
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I too am looking for drapery fabric. I found a sample from a new sample book it is 57.99 per yard out of my league. Would appreciate some tips of where to find it cheaper .
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Filling Spaces by Deepali Kalia
Check our profile,may be something you like,we manufacture our own fabric
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square one
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Susan Flowers
I think it is bizarre that the trend is to hang curtains high, yet most available are 82"...not long enough...custom is too pricey, so ill be making my own. I'm going with a premier print fabric for a fantastic $7.50 per yard from fabricguru...I have spent waaayyyy too many hours online searching curtains, then fabrics...
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cutemonster has some great collections of wonderful fabrics from all over the world. I would check there.
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Hi everyone thank you for the great advice! So far - love the Marimekko. I was having trouble with Etsy - there is just so much to comb through. I looked through books of Robert Allen fabrics at G Street and kind of liked some but nothing really struck me. I love Heather Bailey but have her fabric in my guestroom - I don't know if I could use it again in my dining room... just too much. I only need 4 yards so a $30 fabric would be ideal - if not less of course! I have not looked through Fabric Guru and am going to spend a little time doing that today!
Thanks Again!
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