Slippery concrete steps
February 5, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Hi all, hardly a design dilemma but thought someone would have experienced the same.

I have two small steps off my front porch. I've sealed all the concrete surface with a sealer before the winter. After the sealing, water (rain, snow) doesn't get absorbed. They stay as water bubbles on the surface and I think that is exactly what the sealer is supposed to do.

Now with all the snowing and freezing, the unabsorbed water on steps becomes ice, and it's dangerously slippery. The steps have a smooth surface without any of those "finishes."

How can I fix it? Thank you in advance.
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Could you apply one of those gritty finishes over this (in the spring)? In the meantime, get a bag of coarse sand to throw down and a good doormat to catch the dirt before it gets tracked into your home.
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There is company named Durabak. They make a paint for concrete with rubber particles that increase traction on slippery walkways. Its comes in many colors, easy to apply, and very durable.
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Wow thanks! My thought was limited to "what if I go to the potterybarn and get a cut a cute doormat, Cut it into small pieces and glue them on steps?" Guess I should visit HD or Lowe's instead.
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So I ordered one of these (not exactly this product but looks similar).

[houzz=Set of 4 Highgate Doormat -Stair Treads]

There was a thin layer of ice on the steps and this mat doesn't work at all. The mat itself doesn't stay. I'll try to put it when there's no ice and see what happens.

Regarding the paints.. I sealed this concrete last fall and since then the concrete doesn't absorb any water. That might be why I have more ice on it. As the surface is waterproof, the water stays until it evaporates. Would those paints work with the sealer already on the steps?

would this kind of doormat stay better (as they must be heavier)?
[houzz=Personalized Coir With Rubber Frame Doormat]
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Castle Rock Construction
Home Depot sales a product that you can add into your sealer that will make it slip resistant. It's sold in the paint dept. next to the epoxy flooring. Its a white bag that looks like it contains white sAnd. I forget the name of the manufacturer. But if you ask a sales associate I'm sure they can point you in the right direction.
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Setting aside the slippery step issue... I'm thinking about remodeling the steps. This picture caught my eyes and I know the treads are a kind of concrete coping blocks. Do they seem like a bad choice if I don't want the steps to be slippery after it rains or snows? They are too gorgeous to apply anything on it..
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In the meantime, stuff a pillow down your pants before you go out on icy days !! Tee hee !!!
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Ironwood Builders
Liking the stone steps!
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