Need help deciding to maintain to maintain color of kitchen cabinets or not, and complimentary granite counter
tgschrederFebruary 6, 2013
Hi my wife wants to maintain nutmeg color of cabinets, I would like to change it. If we maintain the color which color of granite would compliment the nutmeg cabinetry or if color change of cabinets, what color granite would you suggest. Also, would wood floors be to much wood or would ceramic tile or the new manufactured composite tile. Your suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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S. Thomas Kutch
TG... have you heard the old expression "if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody gonna be happy....."? I could live with the nutmeg color.........just add some new counter tops, something in the lighter ranger with color veins to compliment the cabinets. Add a tile back splash, something neutral like tumbled stone with some color accents, kill the soffits if you can to open up the height, add appropriate lighting and new hardware and bang!...........You got a whole new look and momma gets to keep her nutmeg cabinets.......................momma's happy, everybody's dancing the Gilmore happy dance and all's well in the neighborhood...........
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Is the cabinet color the hill you want to die on? If not - keep it, and keep your wife happy. :) If you update the hardware it will help. Could you compromise and keep the cabinet color around the exterior of the room, and change the island?

Hard to tell on the granite samples but I think the one farthest to the left would look the best. I woudn't do anything too dark. As far as flooring, I'd probably forgo wood since you have a lot of wood already with your cabinets.
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Who spends more time there? My guess is her. If so I'd definitely go with her want on the issue. Just a thought...
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If you do decide to keep the cabinet color...Id go with Uba Tuba Granite or another darker less busy granite. With less going on in the granite it won't try to compete with the grain in the wood and the uba tuba has warm gold viens in it that will pull the warmth in your wood tones.. All of your backsplash areas are great oppurtunities to put a little extra design elements. Id go with a tumbled marble 4" turned on a diagonal and then add a tile of something else every so often. The area behind the wine glasses may be a great place to go a little darker in the back splash area and add lighting to draw the eye to that area. Some large corbels (from Lowes of course) would look great at the end of the island and you will probably be needed for support if your keep the overhang with granite.
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M B Wilson Interior Design
I agree that Uba Tuba would be a good color granite. But my suggestion would be to paint the cabinets, and add a wood floor. If you add a wood floor with the existing color you should be sure there are a few shades difference between floor and cabinets. Otherwise it could end up looking a bit too "wood-heavy".
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Barbara Griffith Designs
It's the oak grain that dates the space. Ask her to look at the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation system available at Home Depot. It is in expensive and very easy to use. You can use the colors solid or with glazing which I would not use as it again will highlight the grain. If she likes the current color she should look at "Russet" or "Gunstock" shades. I too would do a granite of Uba Tuba as it isa nice contrast. Here is the link to Rustoleum
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I would try to convince your wife to paint the cabinets (the wood graining is just too much for me). That would give you an opportunity to change door style on the top. The bottom are fine but the top are a bit dated. I would paint them a cream color and use some color on the island. I was looking at buying a new house last year and I really did not like the kitchens where they were "upgraded" by slapping on granite with the old oak cabinets. They still looked like an old 80/90's kitchens to me. I ended up buying one of those houses but the cabinets were solid maple, so I had them refinshed and the island painted. Looks like an entirely different kitchen.

I think painting the cabinets, adding granite plus backsplash and flooring would make the entire kitchen fresh and new.
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Is it the color or the grain of the wood you'd like to change. Conversely, is it the shade of the wood or the fact that it's unpainted that your wife likes?

There's gotta be a middle ground in there somewhere ;-)
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Legacy Millworks
Paint the cabinets a shade of white, replace the upper cabinet doors to match the lower cabinets. New hardware, lighter shade of granite/marble, add backsplash and a medium to dark tone on the wood floors and paint the walls.
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Cancork Floor Inc.
2 year old post.
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Very dated cabinets. Convince your wife that they need painting.
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