Wondering about this artwork ....
koolbeanzzzzFebruary 6, 2013
Hello All,

I'm wondering if I have these two paintings flanking the juju hat hanging too high. I've heard that art should be hung at eye level, but I felt the juju should be little higher and so I hung paintings as you see. Should I lower the juju hat and the paintings? Should they hang a little below the chairs? Is that ok to do? I'm so confused.

I'm also wondering if they work in the space. It's my own artwork and I've been on this flower kick lately, but maybe I have flower-overload going on here. My original idea was to hang large circular carved teak panels on each side of the juju. I was talked out of this idea by family and friends telling me I needed larger scale (tall) pieces on each side and that I should just paint something of my own, so I did. I had another idea for my art pieces to be simple abstracts, but my house has so much of my art like this, that I was getting bored with it so I went for the flower pops.

Here are some links so you can see the whole room:


Thank you for your input and feedback.

P.S. -- I had teak panels before I got the juju hat (see photo).

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Marina Klima Goldberg - Klima Design Group
this room has many beautiful elements including your art. Your passion shows and it is great. As far as editing, perhaps, the paintings can be placed in a different location and substituted with nothing. Even the teak panels could be too much. The room has many natural plants and juju is making a statement. Then I would still remove the plant from the top of the dresser and even a horse.

The other way to do it: Remove all the plants around the dresser area and keep the paintings and the juju .
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Thank you, Marina. The wall is sort long and when I just had the juju alone, it felt sort of empty, but I understand what you are saying about the juju making a statement on its own. Thank you for your feedback. Offers me another perspective on how this can work.

Thank you.
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I love it exactly as it is!
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