Design ideas for open living room/dining room
February 8, 2013
Moving into a new house! The living room is 22 x 13 and the dining room is 12 x 11. See my rough sketch and a few photos. I would like to create two seating areas in the living room. 1) A reading corner with bookshelves and two comfy chairs at the end opposite the fireplace, near the foyer. I would love to have built-in bookshelves or shelves that look built-in. Is the space there large enough? I would put one large rug here. 2) The other seating area to be more centered toward the fireplace. I would put another large rug here. Note that we have lovely floor to ceiling windows that I do not want to block. As you can see, it is an open space. The style of the fireplace doesn't thrill me, and I'd like to at least get a new surround. Don't want a TV or media center, but a music corner would be nice -- we have many CDs (6 nice, wood towers), and a lovely wood chest for the player. Maybe frame some album or CD covers and hang on the wall in that area, if there's space. Budget is NOT unlimited ;-) Your ideas we very much welcome! Thank you.
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My rough sketch with dimensions, and photos of the living room and dining room.
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Unfortunately nothing is attaching. Is your attachment in .jpg format?
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Ooops. Hope this works. Here are Jpegs. (Sent PDFs earlier.)
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Ahhhh...there you go!
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nFORMAL design
Nice large space. Budget is ALWAYS a concern...with EVERY client. So, when you say budget is NOT "unlimited", what, realistically, is your budget?

There are many things I would do. First, what type of furniture do you have or are you buying? What is your style?

Yes, cover that fireplace with SOMETHING. My suggestion would be to have a surround go all the way to the ceiling to delineate the space. As most people know who frequent these discussions, I'm a fan of concrete. It isn't like the concrete on the sidewalk either. (I've attached some examples). It can be very clean and uniform.

Personally (and professionally), I would try to see about pushing the entry away from the large windows and not have it centered. This would create a better reading area that isn't broken up or one that you don't have to basically walk through or jog around. Since it doesn't look like there is any door, that is probably a fairly inexpensive task--some studs, drywall work and paint.

We could go hog wild helping you with the space, but I think we need a little more info.
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Our style is traditional-transitional with a touch of modern.

Not everyone who visits will come through the front door. Some will come in the "back" way and enter this area via the dining room.

Given that I don't see us re-making the entryway to the livingroom from the foyer, do you think i can still use the space at that end as a reading area? with book shelves, etc?

And, how do you see the main seating area for this space?

I want to maintain the openness and the flow,so I don't want anything too high to separate the dining room from the living room.

And if we can't afford to do anything with the fireplace right away, I was thinking of some big interesting mirror . . .?
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I think I used the wrong word. Not design so much as decorate. . . ?
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Manon Floreat
I like your idea for the reading area. Two comfy arm chairs opposite the window with a shared ottoman would be a good spot for a read and conversation. They could be place before the shelving system you mentioned. Opposite them and before the window, you could put an upholstered bench or daybed. Low enough so that it doesn't interfere with the view.

You might want to consider a tete-a-tete sofa for before the fireplace. The advantage of this style is that it allows it to relate to two opposite sides of a room. To the right of the fireplace an arm chair. Your music corner on the other side of the fireplace. Below is an image of the the tete-a-tete sofa a bench/daybed and a possible furniture arrangement. Perhaps it'll give you some ideas.

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I appreciate the fact that you took my concerns/ ideas into consideration. It gives me confidence that I am on the right track.
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