Old kitchen
Alison CraigFebruary 9, 2013
My kitchen is a nightmare. Built in 1972 I still have all the old cabinets, and it's a long room with a little kitchen space. No cabinets and no countertop space. It's approximately 15 ft by 10 ft. We added used top cabinets to one long wall but they don't match and I have a roll around dishwasher because there is no room for a dishwasher.
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Pictures please? A small plan with doors and windows?
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Old cabinets can be replaced, refaced, repainted, or opened to be shelving. If the doors are solid you might be able to cut out the centers of some of the upper cabinet doors and replace the middle with glass to make them seem updated. If you don't like the look of the upper cabinets on the long wall without base cabinets, try installing them as a shallow "wall" of cabinets - stacked on top of each other to look like a whole set built into an area.

Mismatched cabinets have become something of a fashion lately. I've seen them on several decorating shows. Either the island is a different color or the upper cabinets are different from the base cabinets or something similar.

If there's room you can build a bar height island from a couple of tallish cabinets and a piece of luaun painted to match to use as a "garage" for the dishwasher. Add a larger top and stools and you have a breakfast bar. It looks built in but doesn't require new plumbing. If you have more of those used top cabinets, they can even be transformed into the sides of the "garage" by raising them with feet or a simple wood base. You could attach the island to the floor with brackets or you could even put the whole island on locking casters so it can be moved if you decide you don't want it where it is sometimes.
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