Awkward bathroom layout-help!
February 10, 2013 in Design Dilemma
To start off, I am 6'4". My bathroom has partially vaulted ceilings, and my shower is pretty small (see pic) and the ceiling goes from about 5 1/2 feet to about 7 feet. I would love to have a double sink but we have a huge window I don't want to get rid of. I found a pic online that I think has a pretty good solution to that problem. Another option would be to put the shower in front of that window... Anyone have any other ideas?
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Jeanette Jenkinson
Could you put the toilet where the shower is. Make the bath into a shore and bath combined.
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Before you go crazy looking for and then finding a new design, you do know that anytime you move plumbing it's a huge expense? Not trying to disuade you but just wanted to make sure you knew that!
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Thanks! I don't think we would to really move any plumbing. We could tap into the bath hot/cold/drain for the sink if it went in front of the window.

I'm not sure if a toilet drain could go into a shower drain... is a toilet waste pipe bigger? have venting? I'm no expert.

Also, I have no problem just eliminating a bathtub altogether. If the shower went in front of the window, I have the dilemma of putting 2 sinks in that pretty small space. I would be fine with them not being together as a double vanity... but where?
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Where is your current sink unit - I assume the third picture is a wish list?
Have you thought of a "douche italianne" or wetroom?
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Sink is opposite the shower. VERY awkward if someone is at the sink and you're trying to get out of the shower. I never considered a wetroom..... I'll have to see if it makes sense for me. That is pretty out of the box though! Thanks for the idea!
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