Backsplash Advice Wanted

gdwright07February 10, 2013
with our first home and first big home improvement (kitchen island) behind us, we're ready to get hot on nailing down a backsplash. We're pretty hard set on the white(ish) subway tile look...of course, picking a white(ish) subway tile is easier said than done right? The challenge we've run up against is exactly what shade of white should we run with? We found a tile recently called Devonshire Cream that we've taken to, it's pretty darn close to our cabinet color though. I guess maybe we're alright with that though...our granite is a Giallo Vincenza and can be described as pretty busy. The clean, cottagy white subway tile look might help to tone the overall tone of the kitchen down a bit. Again, not sure and am looking forward to your feedback. Also, what should we be looking for in terms of a grout color. Have no idea where to start. Thanks in advance for your inputs.
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That tile seems to be a great pick. I would use a light grout color to create a clean look.

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couple more pics to aid in your feedback. One is a close up of the devonshire cream. The other is a pulled back picture of our kitchen. Hope it helps, thanks.
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Supreme Floor Company
Keep grout narrow and light . Play with lay out . Staggered, straight, they have Beautiful inserts in beautiful white designs. I love the picture that DYtecture posted.
Post finished project. Good luck
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Jean Tuck
Id like to see cream colored wall paint and white wall till trim to finish off look complimenting the counter top, If thats a window over the sink Id like to see toppers that go with the colors in counter topand compliments island top, If its not a window a mirror long retangle on its side over sink and oddy enough a lighted brass wall lamp either side of the mirror to reflect light over work areas, just mt opinion.
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Boyles Home Improvement Inc
I think the white subway tile is a nice choice. I would, however, take the 4" granite back splash out. It is a better look to have the tile come straight off of the granite counter top. I know you have already spent the money, but I think you will be much happier. This piece of granite comes right off and whoever your tile setter is, he should be able to do this.

Definitely white grout, with grout boost or a stain resistant grout. You want to reduce stains in a white back splash grout with some stain resistance.

Good luck...
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Granite lip definitely coming out, we didn't have a choice on it being there in the first place.
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I like to use a grout that is one subtle shade darker than the tile--so in this case not stark white grout, but maybe alabaster or bone or an extremely pale gray.
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Since you think your granite is somewhat busy and there is quite a bit going on in it, I would keep the grout light and as close to the tile color as possible ... as suggested by many above. You really don't want to create a checkerboard of your tile with a darker grout. That would be too much pattern with your lovely granite countertops. Looks like a lovely and open kitchen. I love the wood on the island!
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Thanks for the kind comments, I'm confident that introducing the backsplash will really help to pull the kitchen together. Love the color we chose for our great room (revere pewter) but need that backsplash to bridge the gap between the countertops and cabinets. The island wood top is teak from craft art.
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I ADORE this kitchen. I now have 2 houzz kitchens in the running for best kitchen of 2013. Nice job! Love the teak island, it is so luxurious looking. You have made a great pick for the backsplash, subway tiles are all the rage right now. Yes I agree keep the grout small and make it white. The Revere Pewter is a really nice color. Due to a weird monitor glare I cannot see the sink area very well. Is the sink part of the cabinet against a wall or is it a peninsula? :D
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wow, thank you! have some more work to go...sink is a part of the peninsula (need a bigger sink). thanks for the recommendations. it seems clear now that the grout should come close to matching the tile. looking forward to posting some more polished pictures following the backsplash project.
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