Kitchen cabinet remodel help
February 10, 2013
My cabinets drive me crazy. I love the antique look but I'm not sure how my small kitchen would look if done that way. Any ideas on how to make my cabinets look better and kitchen appear bigger? Sorry about the mess in the pictures. Remodeling other parts of my house right now so keeping it spotless is pointless right now. Also what about my floors? I'm wanting to replace the carpet with hardwood floors. Should I just sand and stain my floors or what? I believe they are real hardwood but not for sure.
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The Virtual Designer- Kitchens & Bathrooms
Hi there. Looking at your sink area, the wall cabinets there would really be annoying to me and it's all those angles that must make your kitchen appear that it is closing in on you.
Regarding your floors, I think I'd sand back and perhaps stain. So, in a nutshell I would paint the cabinet doors a gloss white and take away the angled counter area and create an island instead using the cabinets from this section of your kitchen. Make the counter for the island as large as you can. Are you able to get under your floor here? If you can, I'd be tempted to re-locate the sink to the newly created island.
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I have checked. I can't move the cabinets. This house was built in the 60's and for some reason they put cabinets in before the floor and they are in the concrete slab.
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For small things I think the black crown molding on the cabinets and the wall color are contributing to the darkness and busy-ness. Those would be my first two things along with removing the clutter when you can.
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Supreme Floor Company
The black molding doesn't appeal the me.. Could you replace that? The floors are timeless.. sand and go a shade darker . I noticed you have children.. Darker floors will show more..
First thing i noticed was the area above sink.. I will be interested on the advice you get on that.Good Luck..
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Here's a photo of a kitchen that might give you some ideas and works with some elements you already have including a softer and lighter version of your paint color.

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I agree with the other posters that the dark trim on the top of the uppers doesn't work well. It visually lowers the room height, I think. It would look better to have it the same color as the uppers. I've been loving the idea of dark lower cabinets and light uppers to make a smaller kitchen feel more open. I like the green walls but what if you used those cabinet transformation kits to do your lower's a dark green with the antique glaze over or a darker wood color and then your uppers with a white with a light antique glaze? Then to put even more character into your kitchen, you could use beadboard, prepasted, wallpaper as a backsplash. I've been reading about it and it seems easy to use and looks great. You could also put it on the end of your peninsula and paint it to match the lower cabinets. Some undercabinet lighting, especially in the dark corners, would really help.

Good luck! And when you decide on what you are going to do, let us know.
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The top cabinet trim is actually a hunter green. I've disliked it since we bought the house. I like the green but will be going a lighter more pale color. We have 2 small children. A 4 year old and a 2 year old with autism so I'm trying to make my decisions on my kitchen remodeling so it will be child friendly and not scratch or scuff easily.
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