Need help for a small bedroom!
February 11, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I have a dark grey feature wall with the other walls an off white..the look I'm going for is inspired by Turkish lanterns. Fairly small room.
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This is the look I'm going for
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These lanterns are all about color and pattern, so I'm curious why you chose a gray wall? The blue wall in the second picture is beautiful, I would change the gray to that blue. Add a complimentary area rug and eye-catching linens:
[houzz=Chrysanthemum Area Rug]
[houzz=Sterling Jardin Blue Floral Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug]
houzz=Lanna Duvet Cover]
[houzz=Rosette Quilt, Purple]
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Before deciding room colour, you have to decide how much light the room gets and the aspect of the room as to whether you want warm or cool colours - eg if your room faces north in the Northern Hemisphere then grey will look very cold and drab. From the photos you have attached you can see Eastern decorating is all about colour.

Bobbi is right about the rich blue in the second photo, you can see how it brings the blues in the hanging rug to life.

Are you planning on actually using any Turkish accessories, do you already have them or what do you have in mind to buy?? Certainly a vibrant quilt will help with the effect as will rich coloured curtains. Maybe you might like to create a desert tent look with a 4 -poster bed swathed in sheer fabrics

You can see how vague your question is for anyone to be able to give you really constructive help..... but we can work on that. Definitely lose the grey, sorry, in favour of a more definited colour, but the off white walls may need to stay - 4 walls of very strong colour will bring them in at you.

How far do you want to take the theme?

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Good job Roo!....Bobbi
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I have worked with dark grey a great deal and I might beg to differ with Roo - although everything they say does make sense. However, if you are determined to go down the dark grey feature wall, bear in mind that your lighting will have to compensate for the light that the dark grey sucks in! At night this will be stunning, you need to ask yourself what it would look like in the day time.

If you are inspired by Turkish lanterns, I would suspect you will introduce lots of lovely carpets or Kilims that add warmth, rich colour and texture to counteract the dark grey - but your lighting or your natural light MUST be a consideration for the day time.

So in deference to Roo, if you go for the grey do proceed with caution and bear the impact of light (day and night) on your scheme!
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No, I defer to your knowledge and experience, ASV, I don't doubt that the grey could be made to work and be very dramatic but it is a very hard call for an amateur and without seeing what the room looks like nor knowing the lighting and aspect, I felt it safest to steer the poster away from the grey. In fact the whole question is so vague it is difficult to really know where to start.
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Thank-you for your help! I am just in early stages and just wanted some ideas. I'm tossing up between coloured lanterns and plain steel ones. I will keep all of these things in mind. Thanks again!
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nikita - you sound like you have a very sensible approach to this. Both lanterns sound nice and will give you a lot of choices. Good luck with it all, I hope you will will post photos of the finished room.
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