Is this acceptable?! New construction
February 11, 2013
You can see where the nail holes are on all of the mirror frames. Builder said its the best the painters can do. Supposedly, they filled it with putty, sanded it and stained it again. ?? What are your thoughts?
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Sorry! Forgot to attach pic!
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Ironwood Builders
Is this consistent throughout the house? If so it is the best THOSE painters can do. Suggest the builder find a better painter to repair the fubar and any others in the home. Not a great punch list item...but should be a better color match. Part of the problem is the size and number of holes by the carpenter...looks like he was searching with his nail gun.
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Aja Mazin
I thought you closed on the house and moved in - correct me if I am wrong, please.

This is not structural. but one of a cosmetic problem.

What recourse is available at this point?
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Yarbro Home Improvement LLC
If you had to ask, then you knew it wasn't acceptable. Ironwood builders is spot on. So, these were prefinished and then installed. They should have been installed and then finished in place. Water under the bridge. You holding any of their $ ?
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So, if you close on a house you assume all faults of the builder/contractors? Once you close, no warranty on the house?
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Depends on your contract and the home builder.It depends on the quality of construction. Most of the builders I have worked for here in Colorado (even tract homes) have a final walkthrough where these kind of items are pointed out and generally repaired before closing - there is also a 1 yr period when these kinds of things can be taken care of. This is not quality work. Quality painters do know how to handle prefinished matertials. If your builder is not willing to fix this, can you go back to the mirror frame supplier and get their ideas for fixing this? Obviously the wrong filler was used and not finished correctly.
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My reaction, looking at the photo, is the whole thing is a mess. The stain is muddy, you can see brush strokes, the edges are weepy. Totally unacceptable work and a totally unacceptable response. Clearly, you deserve better. Remind your builder that you chose him because you knew you could trust him to deliver a beautiful home and those frames are just spoiling it for you. (I mean you might just have to tell all your friends and neighbors how disappointed you are with the finished product.) If he is a stand up guy, he will get that fixed for you. What reputable builder would want to leave that and shame on him for closing the door behind him.
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Interiors International, Inc.
This is totally unexceptionable. The build should stand behind his work. He is responsible for his subs. If he doesn't handle this for you take him to small claims court.
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Aja Mazin

always read and understand all papers, contracts you sign.
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