Fireplace help?

hevsFebruary 12, 2013
Hi all - this is my first post here - I have just moved to this huge house and have so many dilemmas so you will be hearing a lot more from me! One dilemma is this fireplace - I don't like the color or heaviness of it - any suggestions on making a low budget change?
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Paint to match your lovely white trim moldings.
Hammett · More Info
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as simple quick fix : go to home depot paint dept. for TSP and a scrub brush and a quart of their high gloss white stock paint. you'll have enough aganozing over future wall colors and a 1000 other choices throughout for this huge house. so keep this simple. you can do it in an afternoon.
add a beautiful fire screen.
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Judy M
I like the white idea.
I think you could also paint the bottom black and then the rows of brick that protrude and the mantel white.
It's just paint, so you can experiment and redo a section if you don't like it.
Type "black fireplace" in the search box in the photo section and lots of photos ideas will come up. Then do a search of "white fireplace" and see what appeals to you the most.
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This is such a big fireplace!

In the interim you might want to create a horizontal visual band from the hearth to the mantlepiece to cut it visually. Perhaps paint it a dark cream and then have a light cream band followed by the same darker cream on top. I say cream because you have cream walls and you don't want to mess about too much right now as you will probably enter a complete renovation. But this is just to remove its dominance from the room so you can see the wood for the trees.

In the long term, you an remove the mantlepiece and build the bricks all the way to the ceiling to create a smooth return floor to ceiling - you can either plaster or cover it (but not sure what your local laws are for fireplaces and what materials must be used . This might work better and remove the heaviness.
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Liza Jane Interiors
I agree with earlier poster...the easiest, quickest fix is to paint the same color as the rest of the trim in the house - white!
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Paint it. Bonus for a dog on the hearth.
Hammett · More Info

White Brick Fireplace · More Info
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Pat Gericke & Associates, LLC
Like everyone said - its only paint and down the road once you know the direction you want to go - you can do major changes. I think the white may be too jarring as I can't tell what the size of the room is - I would paint it the same color as the wall but the raised sides and the horizontal bands and mantel you can do white - You are not only toning down the fireplace but you are giving it a slight definition.
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