help with facade of semi-detached house
February 12, 2013
Hello, I have recently purchased a semi-detached HOUSE. However, the facade is SCREAMING for a make over, something to give it some cub appeal. Any ideas that will look good but not weird or out of place since my house is attached to my neighbors'?
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A canopy over the main door would be a good start. Can't tell what siding you have, looks like vinyl so it will be difficult to change the color.
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Yes it's vinyl siding
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BTW my neighbour's siding is pale grey and mine is white. Their roof is a brick red and mine is grey.
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You can add shutters, and paint the vertical area between your upper and lower window a contrasting color. Blue or green. Switch the light fixture. I agree that a canopy over the door, or a pergola over the door. Can you change the chain link fence next to the driveway?
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Cheryl Scrymgeour Designs
You need to increase the size of the entrance porch as well as making an interesting porch roof. Building something with columns will add depth. Also a window box under the bay window will take away from the flatness of the facade. A walkway adjacent to the driveway leading to the house with a garden planted along side featuring flowering hedges such as a mixture of burning bush,sedum,hydrangea, and purple sand cherry. This will look good through every season.And finally a new front door without the aluminum screen door.Something painted black with a small window at the top.
Take care,
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I would paint the entrance door a colour that contrasts with the rest of the house, you could place 2 tall plant pots on each side of the door in a dramatic colour. This would create balance between the door and the 2 windows. You could use dowels on the window to create faux French windows and some interest. You can also create a meandering path to the entrance door and use plants to highlight the path.
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Interiors International, Inc.
Lot's of great ideas for you in the above posts. I assume the house is not in the US. We are not allowed to change the outside of most of our attached housing. Or what we would call a duplex or town home. It is usually against the home owners association rules.
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No, it`s in Canada.
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Thanks for all your swift responses. They will really help me a lot since I am usually such an indecisive person especially when doing things for myself
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Has your neighbor made any changes to their half?
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No. Not that I know of. But their yard has nice pavement and garden stones
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did you end up changing your facade? I also have a lackluster semi-attached house in Toronto and am wanting to alter the exterior.
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Yes we removed the shabby shingle siding and replaced it with Hardiplank, with Craftsman style details. The grey with dark blue trim is the after. The sky blue is the before
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