Kitchen dilemma.
The Griffin Group Keller Williams Houston Realtors
February 13, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I don't like anything about my kitchen. What would you do to change up the space?
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Anything is possible, what is your budget and style ?

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Ashley Coleman
cupcake pink and baby pink cupboards, pink and cream accessories pink flowers in pink vase on the table
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Ashley Coleman
or maybe leave the cupboards as they are and have babypink blinds ets
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Staged & Styled by Susan
Well, everything is pretty beige - floor, cabinets, countertop and backsplash. I'm having a hard time seeing what the backsplash is (formica??) - If you can afford it, do some subway tile or glass tile.
Do the black appliances have to stay. That is the first thing your eye is drawn to when I look at your kitchen. Black... The old florescent fixture is very dated and should be removed - maybe add some modern pot lights. I would remove the ceiling fan and put a chandelier (Pottery Barn has great looks) The walls look like they might be grey. It is not the best color with the kitchen cabinets. What color do you see in the floor tile? Perhaps a very very soft green, but it should have a warm undertone to it. The window shades are not my favorite thing but I understand the privacy may be needed. Once I painted the walls, I would put up some drapery panels (use a graphic pattern to bring some color into the room) and hang the panels about 10 inches past the opening of the window and up near the ceiling molding. It will make the window look larger and taller.
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You could always stain the cupboards a darker color and leave the countertops, or use the rustoleum stuff and redo your countertops, thats an inexpensive fix. One or the other would look nice updated. It would help tie the appliances together.
If you like pink, it might look nice to lighten the color of your walls and get a new light installed. The flooring is great.
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BY DESIGN Builders
Aloha Becky,
What a fun project! (Fun as in, "It will be fantastic after it has been transformed!")
We would start with, "What is your budget?"
This will tell us if we are able to completely redesign the space or simply update finishes and possibly make some minor changes.
Your galley layout is probably the best option without moving or opening up walls. Love that your wide galley allows for two people to comfortably be in the space.
If the dining table can be relocated, you could add cabinetry and countertop in that area and provide a couple of bar stools.
Speaking of your dining table, it looks pretty large for only seating four people. Perhaps creating a built-in banquette might be a better use for seating and use smaller amount of space.
Traditional Kitchen design by Denver Interior Designer Bungalow House Plans
One bang-for-your-buck change would be to get the refrigerator out of the doorway. Placing your tall cabinets there is a better option and they are not as deep as the refrigerator.
Speaking of the refrigerator, if you are keeping your refrigerator see if that wall may be opened just enough to recess the refrigerator a few inches. Two-by-fours may be turned 90-degrees to allow a 2-inch recess.
Please keep us posted on your thoughts and ideas on your project and be sure to share the results when you are done!
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The first thing I would do is remove the overhead light and install can lighting. Then, intall a french door to the outdoors. I think a fresh paint color and an area rug will break up all the beige. Now, if you have a budget? I'd remove the bulkhead, change the backsplash and counter. If budget is an issue, a few small changes will make a big difference.
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Terri Symington, ASID
Becky, I am close to your area. If you would like to set up a consultation I would be glad to help you with some ideas and color selections.
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If only small changes are possible for now, I think a milk chocolate on the walls would give a yummy contrast to the cabinets and complement the dining table. On other thing for sure...get a fab chandelier for over the table.

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Cabell Design Studio
Hello Becky,

Blank slate? The most obvious item standing out when I look at the picture is the fact that it all blends. Nothing is cohesive, yet at the same time, nothing stands alone...

You might think about painting the cabinets (easy and inexpensive) or painting the walls (also easy and inexpensive) or replacing the floor ( a little more time consuming and costly, but would be well worth the effort here). Or all three! Determine if you are planning to keep the appliances. If so, find a palette that will work with the black. The grey in the picture is not helping either the appliances or the cabinets. Try these palette options for idea inspiration with black appliances, more in the black and white and tan, and the wood flooring warms it all up:

Spacious Kitchen

Edgewater-water damage restoration

farmhouse kitchen

You might think about addressing the lighting and switching the 2x4 fluorescent fixture out for something more fun. A chandelier could work here or a drum pendant close to the ceiling. A few more examples:

Allegretto 780340 Drum Pendant
Stunning, but tres cher!

Margot Pendant by Home Decorators Collection
Not so cher and very nice!

Sunset Drive Drum Pendant by Murray Feiss

You might want to think about placing a large hutch at the other side of the table for balance. That end of the kitchen appears to be empty while the weight is carried by the other half... a few examples:

Distressed Wood Cabinet

Zentique Brian Cabinet

Burlap Backed Bookcase

And lastly, you might think about replacing the mini blinds with new cafe curtains at the windows and doors:

William Hefner Architecture Interiors & Landscape

Laundry room


Best of luck with your decorating and please let us know if we can be of any assistance!

Elizabeth Cabell, ASID, CID
Cabell Design Studio
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I think that the first thing that you should do that is inexpensive would be to paint your cabinets. These paints can be found at any home improvement store. Also I have attached a couple of pics to show you that if you like the black appliances or can't afford stainless, that you can still have a nice kitchen. I've noticed that your counter tops and flooring has a brownish tint color. Why not play off of those colors? Darken the cabinets, and some under counter lights which are also inexpensive, maybe you change the light fixture with something more updated. Also that table is to large for the space. When you walk in the room it's the first thing that catches the eye. Maybe some small and circular, or any table that doesn't demand the attention in the room. Would you be willing to change the color on your walls in your kitchen, maybe you should choose the color after you have decide what to do with your kitchen cabinets. Your kitchen isn't bad just needs a little attention. Good luck and I hope you post pics of the finished results.
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Charcoal gray cabinets. Area rug with some yellow. Yellow is great accent color with gray. Maybe spray paint wood blinds yellow. Paint dining table black.
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One more suggestion. Paint fur-down over cabinets charcoal gray also. Will make ceiling look higher and cabinets look taller as well
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Aja Mazin
listen to Darzy.
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Ditto Darzy on all points. Definitely change the kitchen overhead lighting. To me, your cabinets and table are warm colors, walls and back door are cool. Flooring and counters seem pretty neutral. I like the idea of the milk chocolate on the walls. While I like gray, I think if everything is changed to cooler colors the dining table isn't going to work as well colorwise.

I know you said you didn't like anything about it, but is there any color currently in the room that feels right?
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Karen Lankford, ASID
The warm, light cabinets with the cool grey walls and stark black appliance are certainly "fighting" with each other. They colors in the space are also not helped by the cool (as in cool blue light - not "that's cool) overhead fluorescent light. Updating the lighting can go a long way. Depending on whether the appliances are to stay our not, making sure they go with the overall saturation of color in the space will help. In other words, if the black stays, then the rest of the kitchen is too pale.
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The Griffin Group Keller Williams Houston Realtors
The black appliances stay. I really like the grey on the wall. My budget is only about $2,000. So, not a lot to work with right now.
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staging spaces NJ
Hi Becky, Yes, your budget is small but you can still do a lot with your kitchen. First, head to Home Depot or Lowes for the best prices-- the lighting...replace the overhead kitchen florencent with a nice low profile fixture, next, install a recessed light over the kitchen sink. The light over the kitchen table needs replacing too. Paint the cabinets white-and go with a black and white theme if black appliances must stay. Add some brushed nickel handles, long ones. (if you have an Ikea store near you, they have fab handles, very inexpensive). A carpet on the kitchen floor would add warmth and a splash of color- look at the indoor outdoor types that handle dirt well. Inexpensive white blinds on all the windows that match if you need privacy, or white/black shutters if you can spend more $. Backsplash: how about the cheap panels of bead board painted white or vinyl 18" x 18" sheets of tin ceiling material. It's sold in the kitchen area of Home Depot and Lowes--it's awesome and easy to install. A new drop in stainless sink would probably be worth it too. Lastly, you have so little countertop--would definitely be worth changing that out.
Oh, and paint your kitchen table and chairs, white or black!
Susan Paterson
Keller Williams Realty, Princeton NJ
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You've gotten a lot of good advise. You will need to choose to paint the cabinets or change the wall color, because the two are just not going together. I painted my kitchen cabinets. It is not hard, but is very....time consuming. It would be faster and easier to change the wall color. Good Luck!
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Karen Lankford, ASID
Stick with the things you like - appliance and wall color. Build the rest of the room around those to maximize your budget. Your priorities should be 1) lighting and then 2) the cabinets. Paint or stain the cabinets and add some interesting handles. Like someone else mentioned - it is time consuming, but will be well worth the effort to pull your kitchen together. If you like a stained looked rather than solid paint, a beautiful grey would give the cabinets a "limed" effect that can go from rustic to contemporary depending on how you accessorize.
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