Need help for my dark kitchen
February 14, 2013
I am remodeling a 19' x 21' large kitchen that opens into a "great room". Unfortunately, the kitchen only has a 4' window and according to the architect, it cannot be made larger. We also cannot put in a skylight without incurring large structural changes in the ceiling.

The kitchen is dark without the lights turned out. I really wnat to put in lacquered, high gloss cherry cabinets stained a reddish brown and a granite countertop called Antique Brown (a dark brownish black granite).

My husband tried solar tubes but the one we put in didn't bring in that much light and it was a bluish fluorescent color light.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can bring in more natural light to the kitchen without skylights or additional windows?

Thank you.
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Ironwood Builders
Any exterior doors in the kitchen area? They could be full glass...but other than that, nada. What is the reason your architect gives for the inability to enlarge or add windows?
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It has something to do with a slider that used to be where cabinets are now next to the window. The slider was taken out and the wall extended. : -(
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If you have a ranch home, installing skylights is not that difficult. We added 4 of them to a home which allowed north light to come in. All installed in 2 days. Wells were drywalled, 2 coats of mud applied, sanded and ready for paint by the 4th day.
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Can't really have any more natural daylight without adding skylights or windows !

Opening up the kitchen with other rooms ?
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Ironwood Builders
Are you beyond the drywall stage? Sounds like the slider was "in fill" framed, leaving the header in place. Economical, but it reduces options. I guess my feeling is....the customer is always right...nothing is impossible to just need to know the cost. Have another conversation with your architect (if he/she capitalizes Architect verbally it may be an ego thing) and ask them to brainstorm this that you both would like to fix. If their refusal to enlarge the window is about cost and changes....that is why you have a contract and contractor. Figuring out how and how much is their job. It may not be a cheap fix, but more natural light in the kitchen is yours to live with...unless the architect is moving in. Of course, all of this is conjecture on my part, have that discussion...and ask the contractor to be there too!
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Interiors International, Inc.
I have a similar problem and had to compromise on white granite and back splash in something very light(yet to be determined) There is a design trick that could work, position a floor mirror to reflect light from the adjoining room window.
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Solarise Tube Skylights
Most likely your solar tube had a bluish glow because if was a box store brand. I would guess ODL from home depot. Solatube also can have a bluish light to it. From experience, the best lighting comes from companies that use the Alonod tubing. Dont discount a good quality tubular skylight. I would suggest a 14" or even an 18" tubular skylight for your area. A 14" will light up a 16x16 area. The 18" can light up a larger area but helps when the ceilngs are 9' or taller.
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