advise for flooring with radiant heat
February 15, 2013 in Design Dilemma
We are bldg a 3 level lakehouse with radiant heat for all floors. The heating tubes are snug to the underside with 3/4" subflooring. This will be our residence year round. What would you recommend we use? Alot of natural light, open concept on main floor, vaulted ceilings, wall colors warm southwestern, lighting "mission".....thanks!
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Cancork Floor Inc.
You pretty much have a blank canvas. Almost any floor can go down over this type of in-floor heating. The only one I'm not sure about is solid hardwood. I will leave that the the hardwood experts to answer.

Of course I will recommend cork, but that's not your only option. You can go tile (takes a lot of energy to keep it warm/comfortable), stone (same thing as tile...but holds warmth a "snick" longer), engineered hardwood (notice the "ENGINEERED" part of that) or cork.

A cork floor takes a little bit more time to warm up (from the cool period of night time settings) but once it is heated, it radiates heat for hours. This elongates the time between "heat on" cycles. This will reduce your heating/cooling costs throughout the year.

Cork will also reduce sounds and vibrations from bouncing through the home.

Other than "cork", the sky is pretty much the limit. The rest is all up to personal style!
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Julie Fortier
CanCork- Which cork product would you specifically recommend over radiant heat? I see many options on your Web site. Thanks,
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JudyG Designs
We have radiant heat through out the house. I have hardwood in part of the house and I had to sign off on the manufacturer’s warranty. It has been absolutely fine and we installed 7 years ago. The other areas in the house have stone, tile and wall to wall carpeting. No problems with any of these products either.

You are going to love your heating system. It will take a day or two to get to where it is supposed to be, but then you just leave it alone. I set the temp at 72*.
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GTG Builders
We have installed a lot of solid hardwood floors over radiant floors with great success. If a client decides they want something in hardwood wider then 3", we would recommend engineered wood for stability. Solid wood flooring should be rift and quartered with radiant.
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JudyG Designs
GTG, that is why we had to sign off on the floors because we have random width boards. It is not engineered, but were I to do it again, I would go that route. It has worked fine in our house, but I would not recommend to someone else to give up a warranty.Here are pictures of the hardwood and the tile I used. Pondfront 1
Pondfront 2
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GTG Builders
JudyG....those are beautiful floors. Agreed, sometimes clients want what they want but we always try to advise them to be cautious. better safe than sorry.....
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