Alcove area?
February 15, 2013
I need help with how to decorate this space. It is in my entry way foyer of my great room. We have a 2nd floor open balcony overlooking the entry way on one side and the great room on the other. The ceiling is at least 40ft.This is next to the staircase. It's terra cotta tile which matches the entry way floor below. We had the door wall and this short (in comparison to this rest of the room!) wall painted red like the open kitchen and the rest of the room is a light tan and I love it! We built this house 5 years ago and I'm still stumped on what to do up there! I'm kind of a traditional decor girl at heart. No country, cottage or modern stuff for me! It would be nice to have a WOW factor up there. The area is approx. 5 1/2ft wide by about 2ft deep. Should I decorate the wall as well as the little "floor" area? Big picture or gallery wall? Real plants can't happen because my husband has to bring in the 18ft ladder anytime I need to clean it or the windows above the door or our ceiling fans in the great room. And that thing is heavy!! I love Houzz and hope you can help me. I haven't seen a dilemma like mine, but maybe I haven't looked in the right place. To be honest, I have no idea even what to call this area! Thanks. Brenda, Dayton, Tn.
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Interiors International, Inc.
Gosh, I feel like you really tied all our hands on this. You eliminated so many styles. Do these kinds of space sticking with traditional is a challenge. I can see why you are stumped. I would do a very large vertical painting on the wall. Possible a landscape or great old full body portrait. Than add a large urn looking piece with a silk floral using roses and other flowers that you like. Then you need something lower and lighter possibly a smaller sculpture Romanesque or any classical style. I hope this helps.
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Thanks, so much. I especially like the full body portrait idea. I like all you ideas, actually! I guess as far as my style, the only one I would not consider would be country. I had that for years back in the '70s and never want to go there again! So, I'm off soon to look for huge pictures and urns or maybe some modern art pieces. Free free to add any more suggestions! Thank you again!
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Ever been to one of those family places like Branson where they take a sepia-toned family portrait with everyone dressed in period clothing? I'd consider having an artist do a family portrait with a touch of whimsey to it - nice an big like the full body idea above.
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Interiors International, Inc.
If your open to contemporary art that really opens your choices. I love to mix art with traditional. A large colorful abstract would look cool and will be easier to find that the portrait. Look on There are some fun artists that are very reasonably priced on the site. You could even take a good picture of your family full body of course for the height. Then send it out to one of the graphic art companies that will turn that into a canvas. They do this either in realism, impressionism or more abstract contemporary.
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a large mirror would really open up the area ... perhaps one that sits on the floor and leans against the wall ... you would not need anything else ... even a traditional frame would look more of the style that you like ....
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