Need idea on how to add front porch

lostinmdFebruary 16, 2013
House is located in High Wind Zone in Florida. Concerned about attaching to existing roof . Single story Cape Cod type style .Also want to wrap porch on left side which is an addition with lower roof .
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Kaplan Architects, AIA
I would consult with a local structural engineer on this. Someone who has a lot of residential experience. Before doing so, I would have as good idea as possible on the configuration of the changes. You may be able to do this yourself with some rough sketches or you may need a local architect to help you as well. A local builder may also be a good resource for getting the design developed before consulting the engineer as well.
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Ironwood Builders
Kaplan AIA has good advise here. The first step is to find out if the builder can make your idea work, so a meeting with a couple of local contractors would help. They'll wave their arms a lot and talk broad idea stuff...try to get a ballpark estimate for their ideas (you need to know if your budget will handle the project). Then you need them, or someone else to draw it up for the local building department. Florida requires structural engineering as part of the permitting process. Their wind uplift engineering is similar to California's seismic engineering. In NorCal, the engineers usually do not draft the original plans, the work off CAD plans (or hand drafted) from an architect or draftsman and make changes in consultation with the design professional. Once the plans are ready for submittal to the building department a final price to do the work can be estimated. Plan on having a reserve above and beyond the original contract price to deal with add-ons and changes. 10-20% depending on the project. Hope this helps!
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I agree with Kaplan. In a high wind area the bigger concern is uplift and how the posts are anchored to the ground/slab/deck and how the roof is attached to the posts/beam.
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I actually have an Architect drawing plans .
This is a total remodel for 1940's home . I've question his Porch design
because he has 3 front facing Gables that are to be 1//2 up roof and will be attached to roof .
Looks very cute but from everything I've read this is a big no no because a storm
can take not only your porch roof but the main also.
One of the problems are the eves on existing roof are spare and a shed porch
Would not really work without at least one higher gable over entrance. So back to the
Problem of attaching to roof . I don't want to totally re-roof either since it's a newer roof & would be
cost prohibitive !
I've thought of expanding porch roof up & past lenth of house as a stand alone structure but can't
figure out how to channel water away from porch .
The Architect is charging an arm & leg & maybe my 1st born
when all is said & done . Why doesn't he consult a structural Engineer !?
Thank you for your imput , I really want a Front Porch , it has a River view !
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