I want to paint my open living room and kitchen but I have to keep all furnishings , what colors would brighte
February 17, 2013 in Polls
This room needs to brighten up but I only can paint. It has to match my rug and furniture, help! I'm lost
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Not sure what I am looking at here. Please clarify what the choices are you are trying to make. Post better pics if/when you can.
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Mary Poulos Interior and Exterior Design
Perhaps paint the wall just above the cabinets only, the color of the red in your carpet. Get rid of all of your wallpaper as it works against the graphic feel of your carpet and paint the remaining walls a little deeper version of the sofa. Throw a couple geometric printed black and white pillows on sofa. Change your kitchen knobs to black.

Really like the lamp with the red shade. Are you considering the bighter more lime green. If so, us this green in s very small proportions relative to the black and red, here and there.

Fill your china cabinet with lots of white platters etc ( to become a light back drop to fun black and white and red china, cups, plates etc (just a few to puncuate. And a light seasoning of the green if wanted.
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I want to get down that wallpaper in the kitchen and paint both rooms . I'm sick of red! I need something that will blend with red because of my rug and accent pieces but want a different color for the walls.
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If your sick of red...take a trip to your local big box stores, find out what color palate excites you. Your sofa appears neutral, so you can make it work! Why are you keeping the rug if your tired of red?
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The rug was a lot of money so i have to keep it. It was one of those i have to have it deals!
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Vintage Green Design
Paint your cabinetry and walls all the same colour, a cream/ taupe perhaps, roll up your rug and save it for the future when you have some furniture that matches it and you have rediscovered a love affair with red!! Replace with inexpensive sisal for now. that's my opinion anyway! Good luck !
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White goes with everything. Remove wall paper, texture walls and paint the walls white. Then you can do black and gray and white accents and the rug will be a nice pop of color not just another red thing in the house. After you live with it for a while if you are still not happy you can discuss the cabinets. :)
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I wouldn't keep that rug as it is. The pattern is big, and it's fighting with the bigness of that sofa, and they don't go together in the first place. I'd move the rug or the couch out. If you don't move the rug out, maybe hang it on the wall or hey try the ceiling. Then try a smaller scale rug (if you need a rug there) of gray and black, maybe with flecks of red and orange. Like a checkerboard, basketweave, herringbone, something like that. Put lots more pillows or a throw on the couch, but really the only colors I could see them in are white, gray, black, red. Maybe orange. As for the walls, white or maybe paler shade of gray if it's not directly next to the couch. I can't tell if the couch tufts have buttons, if so maybe cover the buttons with a print or colors from that palette.
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