No idea what color would go with this scheme

coffeefiendFebruary 20, 2013
Hello all! My husband and I built a beautiful new home, but I chose all the finishing’s without thinking of what wall color would look good with them! The cabinets are oak with a reddish cherry brown stain, black granite countertops, and lovely dark brown porcelain floor tiles. I just don’t know what wall color would go with this scheme or how else to dress it up and look less “unfinished”. I would appreciate any help you can provide!
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I've also posted another "Design Dilemma" about our Family Room. This house is very "open concept" so if you have any ideas about how to make both of these spaces really beautiful together (including different paint colors, I love color!), I will be your everloving slave!
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A warmer color would be lovely, what do you think of a gold on the two corner walls, Benjamin Moore Semolina has some nice warmth ( and take it a step to two down for the two adjacent walls? An area rug in the dining area with the cherry and gold tones would pull the area together nicely.
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Looking at what you have choosen for your kitchen and family room...I believe you can pull the cool and warm tones all together. Bringing in a color scheme of earthy burnt reds, rust, blue grays (navy and slate), and a Mustard yellow that will pop. I have seen this in decors that work very nicely. This can be accomplished with an area rug, fabric in your pillows, window treatments, and/or accent ceramic pieces. Paint your walls a warm white cream giving the home a bright warm feel. Your backsplash should be a slate stone that has rusts, grays, and black. It will look great with your black granite. Your earthy yellow pendant light fixtures, blue grey carpet, reddish stained cabinets, and brown flooring will all flow with this color scheme. Have fun shopping for your accent pieces.
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I agree with a warmer wall color. Here is an example of blue gray.
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Loving the ideas so far. Dytecture, I have to ask, how did you get that wall color onto my picture? In any website I've tried, I can never get all the lines straight "drawing" my walls!
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I think a very soft yellow or light blue is the best fit to brighten up the room. I have almost the same color scheme in my kitchen with the darker woods, and it makes it pop.
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Charcoal Grey. A very elegant look.
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Barbara Griffith Designs
As I see no furniture, rugs, etc. how can you even think about a paint color..there are thousands of paint colors and only a few furnishings you will like..ALWAYS choose your paint colors last..and then ALWAYS buy samples, paint poster boards and tape them around the rooms to see if you REALLY like the color.
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I agree with nramsey1, a warm grey will make that lovely room even more elegant.
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I posted on your other discussion. A little confusing for us. Can you combine them?

Anyway, BM Affinity Fossil, to match the fireplace stone surround in both rooms.
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Ann Alderson LLC
I belive wall colors should relate to wall cabinets, countertops, blacksplash and flooring, and they should be neutral in all your public living spaces, As you have a lot of red going on in the cabinets, I'm in the warm gray camp, like SW7016 Mindful Gray, for the main living space (kitchen, family room) and stay on the same paint strip for other rooms (SW7017 for dining room, SW7018 Dovetail for powder room). Save more personal colors (like the blues and yellows previously suggested) for your personal spaces, like your master bedroom, where you can pull a color from your bedspread or wall art or just pick your favorite color. You have a beautiful home. Good luck!
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@ coffeefiend. that was done in 'Photoshop'.
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Since you have grey carpet in your other room the grey wall color proposed would make your house flow, but before picking the grey listen to Babara Griffiths advice above it is very sound.
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