Bathroom standard measurements
February 20, 2013
What Would be a good height for a shower niche? And how high from the floor should it be placed?

And what about the make up vanity: height at counter level and below the drawer?

Thank you!
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Ironwood Builders
Shower niche is best held a bit high, up and out of the spray zone for safety. Anything more than shoulder high is maybe a waste for a around 42" from the floor Top shelf no more than 60". These are not hard a fast "rules" everything is subjective. Taller folks can have and use taller shelving...and the height challenged need things a bit lower. Make up tables tend to be lower. 30" or less....I have seen them specified at 28" above the floor...once again it is subjective. How tall is the chair? Is there a drawer that needs to be opened on the lap? How deep does it need to be? Does it need an outlet and room for a hairdryer or curling iron inside? List your goals for the make up table and discuss it with your cabinetmaker. A collaborative effort will give the best results.
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Thank you!
Yes i need a drawer. I was thinking to have a 30,7 height, with a 6,7 drawer and a 17,3 stool.
Is the total height too much to be comfortable (i am not very tall although npt petite either)?
And is there enough room for legs?

Thank you!
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Ironwood Builders
I usually set up a few pieces of wood to double check the dimensions...the math sounds like it will work...though I'm in inches and you are in centimeters? Mock up the make up table and sit at it with your chair...if you have enough room to work a drawer, great...and if the table is too high, can the drawer be thinner?
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