What's best for kitchen sink - stainless or cast iron (white)?
February 23, 2013
Which is more durable? What would you use with a white quartzite "marble" finished countertop?
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I love the stainless sink. I have never had a problem with it and I think it looks great but it really depends on your style
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Stainless steel sinks could definitely take more 'abuse' than cast iron ones.
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A quality stainless sink is more durable.
Either white or stainless would go with the countertop material -- so all that is left is style of the rest of the space. For you, does style trump durability or not?
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I have stainless and I will not do it again. Scratches, water spots, never looks quite clean. I purchased an expensive apron style so I expect it should look better than it does.

My daughter just installed a quartz sink. I love it and that will be my choice next time.
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I'm surprised that cast iron sinks are being described as less durable. The last one I had still looked like new after 30 years of use (we donated it to the Habitat for Humanity store when we redid our kitchen, and they were thrilled at its perfect condition). We replaced it with a new cast iron sink only because we needed an undermount. I love white cast iron and have never had the least problem with its durability.
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I'm glad you've had a good experience with the cast iron sinks, feeny! Maybe there are differences in quality from one to another cuz the one's I have experienced have gotten trashed and/or chipped easily. They definitely look nice in traditional style kitchens too.
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Scott Design, Inc.
Many times space is a determining factor. Given the same interior bowl size, you typically need a larger sink cabinet to accommodate a cast iron sink over a stainless model.

Although styling of enamelled cast iron sinks has come a long way, there is a greater variety of s/s sinks...configuration, depth, shape.

Enamelled cast iron sinks are much heavier than their stainless steel counter parts and often require support beyond their undermount clip system when installed in stone tops. This additional support can interfere with faucet, water filter, soap dispenser, etc. installation clearances.

Lastly, I often put a soap dispenser on the divider between the two stainless steel sink compartments in a double sink if there is room so both sinks have convenient access to washing. My electrician uses his pneumatic punch to make the hole while on the job. You cannot do that with cast iron.

Once all of this is taken into consideration and prepared for then the quality of performance is in the eyes (and energy) of the chief cook and bottle washer!
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Both of my cast iron sinks have been Kohler's, AMN. I don't know whether that makes a difference, but we chose to buy a second one because the first had held up so well. But maybe I'm just not a vigorous enough cook to be hard on a sink!
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Carolyn Garvie
Look at the composite granite sinks. They come in several colors and are very good looking as well as durable.
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