Venting my Kitchen

Srimanikandhan AppunniFebruary 24, 2013
I have attached a picture of my kitchen stove which is located right off the bay window. The stove has a down draft exhaust system which does not work well. I am looking for ideas to install a hood or any other type of exhaust system that does not hinder the view of the bay window a whole lot.

I would be grateful for any suggestions.


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Do you have room for another down draft? Maybe an upgrade. Otherwise try minimalist style.
The Range Hood is the Centerpiece of the Kitchen · More Info

Cavaliere Euro AP238-PSD Wall Mount Range Hood · More Info
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I agree, something with a thin glass design would minimize obstruction.

"green" remodel · More Info
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Srimanikandhan Appunni
We want to get away from downdraft to something else. The biggest hurdle to install the range hoods is bay window. We did not want it to obstruct our view . Will installing an external exhaust fan with an intake in the bay window work ?
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Ironwood Builders
Sri, No. Current codes require (in the US) a venting hood above an open cooking surface or a venting downdraft. Buuut! Most codes allow the hood (and most manufacturers too) to be 36" above the cooking surface...putting the hood at 6' above the floor. Therefore, the average height person (5'8" in the US) with fairly normally set eyes at 5'4" can not only fit see under the hood, but fit under it too. A flat glass hood will work. See attached picture from Zephyr Ventilation.
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S. Thomas Kutch
There's your solution from Dave.....a big thumbs up for Ironwood Builders.
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Urbana ~ Designer Ellen Crystal
this is a very simple island hood that could be suspended in front of your window. as Ironwood commented, it can be mounted higher, so eye level is open.

As well, I've seen ceiling mounted units (much like a bathroom fan) that are becoming available according to the trade magazines. its called 'cirrus' and goes on the ceiling... ducting thru ceiling or floor joist. totally flush & will not interfere with sight lines... the right solution.
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Hi Manix, great comments above, especially by Ironwood and Urbana. The only issue I see with Urbana's suggestion is that it would require some substantial re-framing of the ceiling/floor joists above, (because its almost 44" x 28") and may not even be possible depending on your current framing. Great idea though.

Alternatively, a low profile hood will minimize the visual obstruction as Ironwood suggested. I've attached a photo of where I used two cylindrical hoods on a project, and they're only 14" in diameter, 36" tall. These would meet code if your ceiling is 8 - 9ft high. They can be installed with or without glass, and have a very high cfm of around 900 so you could use just one.
SV kitchen · More Info

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studio | FORMA
I love the bay window centered on the range. Those down draft exhaust never really work that well. You could go as simple or flashy as you like. The simplest thing to do would be to install a wall through kitchen exhaust fan (top two images). They are not visually interesting but they are cost effectvie, granted you don't have to go thru thick concrete walls or anything like that but they are effecient.
The other option you have, If you have the budget is to install a decorative exhaust fan or a minimal shaft exhaust fan that will not block your view.
Check out of the images below:
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studio | FORMA
another one:
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Srimanikandhan Appunni
Thank you for all the suggestions ! I love many of the ideas, I was wondering if there are any of those pipe like vents which can contract and expand like the pipe used to connect the dryer in laundry? That way I can push it back up after cooking.
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I have seen many vents that can be raised or lowered according to desired height - so no reason why not.
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I have a very large bay window in my living room that I loathed to cover up. What I have discovered is that I like the way the windows and light looks better when I have the shades lifted, and left covering the top 8 inches. I think the vent hood should and could be treated like a window treatment. Instead of looking at as blocking the window, look for something that will enhance it. I think the Cavaliere would look beautiful in that space. The gentle arch would act more like a valance and accentuate the window. I would even like it if the arch was solid stainless, instead of glass. I would give the window a little definition, as if it had muntins and was more decorative.

It's all on how you look at it. If you see it as blocking the window, that's all it will ever do. If you see how it can enhance the space, and give the surprise of light shining from behind the hood, I think it could be very beautiful and look better than with nothing there.
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studio | FORMA
The lower left picture on the first set of pictures provided above shows the adjustible arms for that particular type of vent. The tall cylinder ones I have not seen having an adjustible option.
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Srimanikandhan Appunni
The one in the lower left , what brand is it and where can I take a better look at it ?
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Srimanikandhan Appunni
I also found couple of them on the web Faber Pareo and Frescan Paradigma. Not sure if they are availble in the US. Not sure if I can post the links here.
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Brenda Fisher
Check with a HVAC specialist as to the correct size for your stove. Code where I live requires a direct vent system with make up air for fans with a CFM rating over 400. The reason for this is that CFM's over 400 will cause back drafting of your vented appliances and or fireplaces. This is very dangerous as it draws Carbon Monoxide into your living space. DO NOT change your venting without consulting a professional! This is a matter regulated by code for a reason - Your Life!
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Ironwood Builders
studio FORMA...Wall venting is not an option for cooking surfaces in the majority of codes in the US. A vent to the exterior, hard piped and pulling the manufacturer required CFM is required. Most code bodies will be adopting the IRC (International Residential Code) in the next few years if they haven't already. All the the major code bodies participated in the writing of the new IRC. SBBCA, BOCA, Calfifornia, and many others, joining the ICC (International Code Council) to enact a uniform code. How your fans on articulating arms would comply with any US code is beyond my ken.
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studio | FORMA
Ironwood: While your knowledge of codes is impressive this particular Design Dilemma specifically asks for and if any "Other type of exhaust systems" are known.
The Pendant Fans shown are a new technology composed of powerful extraction systems and use carbon & aluminum grease filters and meant to circulate air. How they work exactly would have to be researched further.

True they are European designed, however they have been in the market for quite some time now and used through out Europe.

Here are a few websites you may be interested in checking out:
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Filtering is one thing, but it's my understanding that the OP, Manix, is not looking to filter cooking odors or smoke, but to exhaust them. Many European designs are needed, for their many historic homes, that are almost impossible to retrofit, with an exhaust system. In this case, the range is on an exterior wall. It would hardly make sense, to filter the cooking fumes, when it is possible, to exhaust them.
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