Decorating our first home!

Tammy ButowFebruary 24, 2013
Hi all! We are moving into our first home in 2 weeks and we are wondering where to start when decorating and furnishing.

We love the eclectic style and currently have no furniture. It's a single storey 3 bedroom home with a bathroom and ensuite. There is a front room, living room with open plan kitchen and we plan to use one room as an office and the other as a guest room. The walls are white.

I've included a few pictures of the home as well as a picture of our favourite colours that we both wear all the time.

So far I've created a bunch of idea books, one for each room. I've also been looking on gumtree and other sites for pieces of furniture that may work.

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Barnhart Gallery
Tammy, congratulations! You may feel like you have a long road ahead, but you are way ahead of the game with your well selected idea books (love your choices!) and I'm guessing that you'll be one of those that enjoys rather than struggles with the process of filling your new home.

I suspect some will say focus on your bedroom, your cocoon. Others will say work on the most public spaces first. But I suspect that you have an idea where you want to go, and when you find the right fabric/chair/art/whatever, you'll know it when you see it, and you'll have your dimensions on hand to be certain. You won't need to go one room at a time, as some do. Your vision seems clear enough that it will all come together just right, and more quickly than it might seem right now. Cheers!
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Curb Appeal Renovations
Agree with barnhartgallery! Congratulations! I'll toss in a couple thoughts...decide if you want furniture that'll be around awhile or furniture that won't last and invest accordingly. Paint can be changed easily and relatively inexpensively, it is just lots of work. And I'd say start with the room you spend the most awake time in, where you'll want to have friends and family come over and visit.

Good luck and keep posting your pictures!
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Wolffe Interiors
What great comments in the previous post. Do you plan to incorporate your chosen colors in upholstery, drapery, or wall colors? Pick up paint samples before you commit and see how they look in various parts of your space and how light affects the color as the day goes by. Find something that inspires you, a piece of furniture, a painting or piece of art, and use it as your jumping off point for color and decor - it will make everything else fall into place for you.
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Tammy Butow
Thank you so much for the tips and advice! We are thinking that those colours will be used for accents and furniture. We won't paint the walls straight away. We are thinking of keeping those neutral. Looking forward to sharing more pics as we start decorating!
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Jayme H.
pics of 4 eclectic/transitional rooms with very neutral walls
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Tammy Butow
Thanks Jayme, I really like the cushions and lamps in the first pic! Love the gallery style pictures in the second and the use of rugs! :) I'm still not sure if we will decorate room by room or do everything at the same time gradually... collecting pieces as we find them.

We have two living rooms... one is a living room with open plan kitchen that leads out to a deck/patio. The other is a front room that is to the right of the front entrance. I'm wondering what sort of things can go in a front room?

I was thinking it would work well to create a space to entertain guests, so couches, chairs and a coffee table. There is also a nice window so I was thinking a 4 or 6 person table as well. Is it ok to have a dining table in a front room and also have a 6 person dining table in the main living room that is connected to the kitchen?
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Angelina Vick
Congratulations! It sounds like you have already done a lot of homework with your design ideas.

I would start with the purpose of each room and furniture that is functional and comfortable for each space.

You said you like eclectic...that makes me think that you should take all of those colors and let them spill into all your rooms. Focusing on a couple, but letting the other colors accent it.

I think dominant pieces of art scattered throughout the house will create a bold look and also help establish the color palette of the room.

I am an artist of rather eclectic style....feel free to have a look and see if anything strikes your fancy.

When I saw your color palette this piece came to mind.

Last recommendation...don't be hasty. Look for things you absolutely adore and think will be perfect for your home. Have fun decorating! =D
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Tammy Butow
Thank you Angela! That is fantastic advice. We will have more of a think around the purpose of each room that will really help. I agree with you about the colours, would love to have them all over the home!

Your art is fantastic, love that piece that you linked to :)

We ar both very keen to find pieces of art, furniture and other pieces that we love... It seems a house can become crowded very fast - so it will be nice to start slowly and pick the most amazing pieces that really speak to us (and fit in our budget!).

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Angelina Vick
You're welcome. Glad I could help.

Aww...thank you so much. That piece happens to be one of my best sellers. I guess a lot of people like that color combination. I have heard of studies that looking at a piece of art you love actually creates the same chemical reactions as falling in love. =) Thing really have to look...look intensely and see how it makes you feel. I don't buy art unless I love it.

Yes I can clutter fast. That is why it is best to go slowly and be sure what you chose is what you want.
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LB Interiors
Some inspiration ....
pillows · More Info

Bella View · More Info
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Tammy Butow
Thanks LB Interiors! Love the second one so much :)
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