Layout of Triangular Bedroom/Office - Help Needed
February 25, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I'm new to Houzz and love looking through all the ideas online but I'm really hoping to get some direct comments from you about maximising the use of our bedroom space.

We recently bought a 1 bedroom apartment which is only 65sq m in total but it has lovely views over a lake which makes it feel bigger. It is a split level apartment, with an open plan living room and kitchen downstairs and the bedroom and bathroom upstairs.

The bedroom is an odd triangular shape but we need to maximize this space as our apartment is so small. We want to make it into a lovely room to relax or work but we also have a limited budget.

The bedroom (4.5 x 3m) - What we have to fit in:
1) Queen sized bed - we have an IKEA base with four storage drawers underneath the mattress (the bed in the photo is the previous owners).

2) Space for his and hers wardrobes (screened off from the bed in someway);

3) Ideally, a working space/desk because we both work from home.

A few comments:
1) The east facing window has an amazing view over the lake and it would be great if the desk could overlook this somehow. The window is very high (up to my chest if standing next to it).
2) We are considering putting in a sky light somewhere on the slanting roof which could be another place to put the desk with a view.
3) We are stripping the wallpaper and will repaint the walls - any comments on colour suggestions or whether we should do a feature wall would be great.

Thank you for taking the time to help us. We really appreciate it.
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What is the height on your lowest slope wall and the high wall?
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I would run wall to wall desk in the slanted ceiling area with 2 work stations properly lit with desk lamps. I would put 2 wardrobe closets from Ikea on either side of window with dresser running under window to connect them. Add fun valance, installing it as high as you can as to not block sunlight. Run bed in the same place so you can access drawers below. Hang on wall wired lamps by bed. Add a lamp on dresser. Place a 5x8 area run on floor with bed sitting 1/2 on it. Large art over bed.
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That's a tall order, especially with the baseboard heat limiting what can be placed in front of it. You may have to mount a mirror on the slant ceiling to reflect the lake view into the room. The desk and chair could be placed so you get light from behind to illuminate the work area, and the ceiling mirror would allow you to look up from work and see the reflected lake. One space saving thought is to convert the door into a slider. Once you get the bed in, you may not have room to open the drawers, so use them for permanent storage. If you could put the bed against the low wall you could stand the two wardrobes at the end of the bed to block the room into two segments, hiding the bed from view in its own cubby. You can upholster the backs of the wardrobes and hang a picture on them to add interest to the bed cubby. If the bed has to go opposite the door, the slider will enable access. Then block off the low end of the room with the two wardrobes - one perpendicular to each wall - and use the space behind them for storage or a dressing area. You might even get a small dressing table in there to use. You can suspend a curtain from a ceiling rod to fill the area between the wardrobes and block the view of the storage or dressing area. Not sure you can stand up in there, but it would at lease become useful.
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sliding barn door
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Barnhart Gallery
I'd like to give you a visual, but can't scan my sketch at the moment. I know you'll get lots of suggestions for a conventional layout and that's fine. I just wanted to throw a crazy one at you.

I'd take a low bookcase, something like this in whatever color your choose, measured to approximately the width of your bed:
and put it in the middle of the room, open side facing and parallel with the window. Since your bed frame is low, the back of the bookcase becomes your headboard, and you sleep with your toes in the cozy little nook you can't do much with anyway. If you put in a skylight, then you go to sleep gazing at the stars. (The sun shouldn't wake you till late morning.) If you don't, then get a projector and lie back and watch tv on the ceiling -- we do it in our house sometimes with a portable CD player/projector we picked up for under $200 for a party.

That frees up the window area for a little office, where you can spend some waking hours musing over the lake.
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I really like deco's idea of sliding door.

Because of how low your low sloped ceiling look, I'm suggesting you place the foot of your bed towards the low side and get a 6 drawers dresser as your headboard and room divider. You can put a small bench in front to use dresser as makeup table. Keep one wardrobe along the corner wall. If you are ok with blocking off the light, you can use the wardrobes like deco suggested.

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Thank you so much for your great ideas. They are certainly ones that we hadn't considered ourselves yet so I'm very happy to have new arrangements to think about. The mirror to reflect the lake view is genius!

To answer the question of heights in the room:
Lowest point: 78cm
Tallest point at the window end: 385cm
Floor to windowsill height: 140cm

We made good progress today and fully stripped all of the wallpaper layers off. The 3 external walls are now bare concrete and the internal wall is plaster. Now that we've seen what we are working with, we are trying to decide whether to paint or wallpaper? Comments are totally welcome on this topic too.

Thanks again wonderful people!!
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I think paint will be easier on the eyes in such a small space. You don't need to get a lot of pattern going here, so even a textured wallpaper might be too much.
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