I really want leopard print bedding in my room and chair in the corner I have no idea. How to do the walls to

tashacross3February 26, 2013
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I do not want it looking tacky tho
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Angelina Vick
Hi Tasha. What exactly is tacky to you?

I think this is pretty.


This is a classy accent.

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Angelina Vick
I also have some leopard art you may like.

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Very keen on the art and the bedding it's more the walls I'm unsure of how to do
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Angelina Vick
Do you have any pics of the space? Or a diagram? It's hard to give ideas without seeing the room.

If you like yellow...you could match the shade of yellow to your bed set, it would give the room a very light and air feeling. Or if you want a darker, a more sophisticated look would be a mid shade of brown.
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Marie Hebson's interiorsBYDESIGN Inc.
Hi tashacross3, Marie here.

If you love leopard - then bring in Leopard. If you don't want to be tacky - then be more refined with your use of the leopard print.

My idea of tacky is when you plaster a print, or picture of something you love everywhere so your eyes can't get away from that particular love. It's like shoving a pie in your face whether you like it or not!

Be tasteful, introduce a small portion of the leopard print, and get a fabric that really feels like leopard or is a gorgeous rendition of it.

My advice, stay away from the packages and find that really cool, unique piece or an area rug, or ottoman with your leopard print on it. Add white sculptures of leopards in the room, or a leopard lamp - be different - be true to your love of this pattern and have it reflect your specific tastes.

Good luck with your project - I've attached a photo of a zebra rug - one of the only animal prints I've used in my designs - which I hope will inspire you to be tactful and use restraint.
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Thank you guys it a house we have just bought so will Put a picture up of the room tonight and want a darker I was thinking black I want a mood to be set it the room
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First person that comes to mind for design is Versace - you need to look at the more flamboyant designers who have dared to play with cheetah and colour. This was one of the rooms in Versace's Miami house - he used deep reds, gold and cheetah (a little OTT on the panels). I am not suggesting you follow his path - but if you strip it down to the basics, the warm colours of leopard or cheetah print with deep red and gold can be super elegant. I agree with Marie though, this combination is like a powerful motorbike that you need to control very strictly if you are not going to crash and burn!!
All the best for your project
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Kevin Retired Decorator
I think your wanting a Lux look for your bedroom. The key to leopard print would be using rich colors with it and just a chair and some pillows on the bed and maybe a throw all the same leopard print. Then stop. Reds,Golds ,Turquoise & Deep Purple work as will Black/Ebony of course should be used along with one of the colors. Try using tone on tones instead of solids with Ikats , damask or stripes all in the same color to give that look of glamor. Use gold metallic accessories for lamps & picture frames etc. Large over scaled live or silk plants. A Mirrored Trays with perfumes & jewelry on a dresser. Dressed up layers of non transparent drapes hung higher & wider than the windows give the room more of a grander look too. Along with a ornate gold mirror on the wall. I hope this helps . I could help you more with pics. Kevin
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