Kitchen needs updating. Open to suggestions. Love the layout but would like to open it up more
February 27, 2013
Kitchen needs updating. Open to suggestions. Love the layout but would like to open it up more
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Do you want to open it to an adjoining room? Or would sliding glass door onto a deck work for you where the current windows are? Or maybe a boxed out window or a bay window to make it feel just a tad larger?
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More photos and views of this kitchen would be helpful. Not sure which direction you are planning to open up.
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HERE Design and Architecture
As long as you are a little fastidious, it might be good to open it up to the living room or den that is visible through the pass-through. You can use the cabinetry to transition between the spaces. Personally, I think I might want to replace the windows with french doors (depending on what is outside), and trade the positions of the sink and range in order to avoid having grease and smoke drifting into the other room. Maybe remove the peninsula and put the bar on the living room or den side?
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We want to open it up to the large living room which is through the small opening. We are either going to make the opening larger or get rid of the whole wall. We would only lose one cabinet. Suggestions? We are also looking for a more modern look to the cabinets. New countertops and paint. I am not a fan of the oak color but probably going to leave the cabinets for now. Thinking of a black or white countertop and a glass mosaic backsplash. Probably do a neutral grayish in the walls
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Another photo
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This is the living room on the other side. If you look through opening that is the kitchen
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You could replace the door pulls with more updated ones and stain the cabinets a darker color if you were planning to go with a light/white countertops. The contrast would be nice. I would get rid of the entire wall and really open it up to the living room.
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Thanks for all the comments
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I would love to stain them. How would you go about doing that ? Would it be something I could so or do companies to that
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Well, you loose some storage place if you remove the whole wall, but I think it would look great.
But, please, paint the kitchen white. I can't stand pink and all of it's shades x) (no, of course don't do that if you like it)
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What a great space.

I would suggest some updated accent colors to replace the mauve. Warm colors such as eggplant, oranges, yellows, or reds.

To update, I would suggest white on the walls and a dark gray on the cabinets and white on the counter top. If you use a dark gray instead of trying to match the shade of gray in the living room it will be visually more interesting and help to avoid a cavernous look.

If you open up the space it would be nice to put an overhang on the side that would face the living room and put more stools there. But in order to do that you would have to do as HERE Design and Architecture suggested and put the sink where the stove is and the stove where the sink is.

Also I would suggest, when you paint the walls paint the fresh air intake the same color so it will blend in.

The color you already have on the stools would blend nicely with a dark gray.

Countertops would great in quartzite.

Sask Cres Kitchen
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I have a small 2nd vacation place up north that had old ugly cabinets. I used Cabinet Transformations by Rustoleum. This product lets you darken or lighten your cabinets and keep the wood grain showing, unlike a paint. They have about 70 colors to work with, some are an opaque paint type finish, others a more stain like finish.
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Assuming that you have checked that it's not a load-bearing wall and that there is no plumbing/electrical/hvac going through there, may I make a further suggestion?

To my eye the peninsula-breakfast bar really cuts the room in half. It was a good solution in the original separate room, but if you now want it more open, then take out the peninsula. Add a banquette under the window -this can be storage drawers as well. Perhaps a new piece of cabinetry -shallow - to the right of the window, by the entrance to the kitchen. This of course depends on width of entrance. Maybe cabinet run where stove now is can be shortened just enough to make this work. You'll need to measure carefully! Things to think about - have fun!
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Actually, there IS a fresh air duct in the soffit, so if you are still using the same HVAC system, that would have to stay and the wall could only come out up to there. If this is a load bearing wall, you would have to get the advise of an architect or knowledgeable contractor (who is licensed if that is required in your state) to find out how much of a span could come out and what bracing would be needed.
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