What color wood floor could go with provincial oak stained cabinets?
February 28, 2013
We desperately want to change the floor in the house, but the baseboard and cabinets and window frame are an awkward oak color,and we need to find a floor that compliments them!
...ignore the mum in the picture :)
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Marie Hebson's interiorsBYDESIGN Inc.
Hi Amanda, Marie here.
So your trying to match a flooring to your oak cabinetry? I'm a bit confused by your question I guess.
If you are trying to match to the oak, then you either go blond in a maple, or I'd go to the warmest tone in your grain of the oak in a mid chocolate colour.

What you want to avoid is too much variation in the flooring so try to get either an engineered flooring where they've controlled the amount of grain in the wood, or stay with a stained maple hardwood.

Best thing is to go to a flooring store, and sign out quite a few samples take them home and see them in your space with your cabinetry. The best one will always be the one that your eye goes to comfortably. Good luck!
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Paint the cabinets white or gray and get the floor color you want.
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here is a better picture....I do not think it would look good if we matched it to the oak. We were trying to figure out what color wood or tile would go well with it since my mother is not wanting to paint or stain the cabinets especially since this color wood continues through out the house on the base boards, window frames, and the doors. It is just a really hard color for me to picture with anything...please keep recommendations coming : )
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Terry Greer Richardson
A lot of flooring places, Lowes included will let you take samples home so that you can decide what looks best.
If you can't rent the samples I have found that they will sell
a you a small piece for cheap. We did this to choose our wood
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We don't want to have to paint the cabinets. We want to as little work as possible.
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