Just Moved and Stuck on Family Room Design
March 3, 2013 in Design Dilemma
My wife and I just moved into a decent-sized home from a 900 square-foot apartment. We need to buy a lot of furniture and decorations. This family room is 20 ft by 14 ft, so it's a decent size. The floors are a light wood, the two couches are cream colored, and the curtains are a bluish-green. That's really all that is in the room aside from a black tv and black tv stand (I'll be hanging the tv on the wall and getting rid of the tv stand). I'm considering doing a neutral and blue color theme, but am completely blanking on ideas. Can anyone help spark some ideas and offer some pictures that would lead me in the right direction? Thank you!
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Inside Out Staging and Design
Can you send pics of all corners of room so we can see door openings, windows.... What are you using space for? Who is using space? Do you need storage? The color theme you discussed would be great to start with- adding accessories such as pillows, an area rug, greenery and artwork to pull it all together. Does it open to another space in which case the colors should complement each other. Congratulations! Try to take it one step at a time and not let it overwhelm you :).
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Here is a full view of the room (apology for the mess, the wife is using it right now as a laundry folding room haha). This is going to be our entertainment room. We'll use the room as a study (computer and desk area), tv room, and video game room. When we have guests over, this is the room we plan to use for anything that involves having fun while looking at a screen haha. We have a separate living room for sitting and having discussions.
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Expanding on your questions, the only storage we will need in this room is for our electronic devices and books. I plan on getting a few tall bookshelves for the books, but drawing a blank on how to store the electronic equipment in the open without it looking cluttered or tacky. As far as a connecting room, there really isn't one. It exits to a short 6-foor hallway that goes to either the master bedroom (closed door usually) and kitchen/dining area.
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Photos for color scheme - if you click on info for this pic it will show you the rest of the pics in the project - lots of blue and neutrals. Put curtains to the ceiling.

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Another note regarding the two doors, one goes outside and one is a large walk-in closet.
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That's a great looking room, Sam! Thank you. That got a few ideas flowing.

So regarding the room, would it look odd if I had all white and cream colored furniture with blue accent pieces to add color? I'm hoping for a modern-ish look. I like tame modern, not really the out-there designs.
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So, going with a blueish/green, (off)white colour scheme:

I suggest you buy some longer, floor to ceiling curtains and hang them just under the ceiling. Or sew a band of fabric in a darker colour to the bottom of the existing curtains to make them longer. The curtain rods should be so wide (if possible) that when you open the curtains entirely they hang (almost) entirely beside the windows.

Paint the tv-wall in a darker blue/green. Add a long sleek unit under the tv for dvd storage. Ikea has great solutions for media storage, check out their website for ideas if you like: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/categories/departments/living_room/10475/

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I don't know about you, but I think a family room should be cozy and warm, even if it's also contemporary. This warm paint would work well with your existing furniture. You could even, if you choose, set up your furniture around the corner, as pictured. The soft aqua and teal accents would work well with your sofas too. As for window treatments, I would leave windows relatively bare to maximize natural light, but I like the look of the bamboo blinds pictured.
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Inside Out Staging and Design
Completely agree with Carolins! Was also going to suggest media center from Ikea :)! The media center can house TV/components, gaming sytems, in addition to games, DVDs/movies as well as books and any interesting visual pieces you might want to display along with books on shelves. It should be on the long wall with the sofa facing it. Put the love seat perpindicular to it so you have an "L" configuration. You probably even have enough space for an additional accent chair. "Slipper" chairs are a great option as they are armless, comfortable and easy to move around.Add a coffee table and end tables. Each "seat" should have a surface reachable to put down a glass. Add lamps to end tables for task lighting as well as "mood" lighting that doesn't come from overhead. An area rug, pillows and artwork will pull it all together and warm the space.
Is the exterior door where you and/or your guests would enter? If so try to "create" a foyer with a console table on the side of the door with a mirror. You could flank it with 2 chairs which could offer extra seating or a place to put on/take off shoes. Another option is 2 smaller ottomans or "X" benches which could tuck under the console. Depending on what you chose, the console could also double as a desk. Curtains with grommets are a contemporary look that are easy to find and relatively inexpensive.
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Thank you all for the advice! I've slowly been working with the room. I'll post a current picture to show you all what I have done with your advice thus far.
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Can't wait to see :-)
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