Kitchen Wall Dilemma- Help!

rebeccasharonMarch 4, 2013
We've just put in an IKEA kitchen and we love it! However, we've still got a ways to go...Hardwood flooring, personal touches, some shelving on the left side..and so on. We went with a white tile on the back wall, but unfortunatly they didn't finnish the tiling all the way up because we ran out of tile. What should we do now...I'm nervous that if we put tiles all the way up, that it will look like a hospital. Any suggestions? Also, we wanted to add open shelving on the left side and I can't decide which color or design the shelves should be. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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The area to the left of the fan, where you show the clock? That would be the perfect place for open shelving and could disguise the fact that the tile doesn't reach the ceiling. Floating shelves are a great, clean look: [houzz=
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Trouble is Bobbi, there is another space above the microwave, that would be better for shelves so not sure where rebecca wants them. I like the clock near the stove. You could keep the shelves white as in Bobbi's photo or go glossy black to keep your black and white theme going. If you intend to put them where the clock is in the first photo, then I would definitely go white.

As far as the tiles go, it sounds like you can get more tiles. Personally, I don't think you have any other option but to finish them off, where they finish now looks to me like you ran out of tiles. You could paint the rest of the wall in a strong colour as a feature, but I really like the clean black and white look. Don't know what colour flooring you are planning but I think a nice rich golden timber would give your room a lot of warmth and take any "hospital" look away.


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Thanks, roo! I got my left and right mixed up!
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I agree with roo, and I don't think it will look like a hospital. But I think either you have to finish the job as originally planned and take it to the ceiling, or tear it all down (which would be a huge waste). As it stands it just looks unfinished, and I don't think that paint or shelves will fix that. If you want to float some open shelves that is fine, but do it against a background of the tile, not as a cap on it.
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thanks so much!!! I will definitely go out and invest in finnishing the tile!!! The picture that you added Feeny, is amazing!!! I can't believe it, right on!!! I like those shelves too...also the floating ones. I like the clock where it is, so i'll do the shelving on the left. When i get home, i'll also show you the eating area to get your advice. You've all helped me and I love this feedback!
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I'm so glad the photos were helpful, rebeccasharon. One point: I'm not sure whether floating shelves are an option or not once the wall is tiled, as floating shelves need more grounding in the wall. The shelves sitting on brackets may be easier to install on a tiled wall as they only require a limited number of screws to go through the tile. We have a floating stainless steel shelf on a wall of subway tile above our range, but the shelf was anchored to the wall before we installed the tile. OTOH, I happen to think those shelves with decorative brackets in the second photo look pretty fabulous as an architectural detail against the white tile wall. So if you are limited to bracketed shelves against the tile (and a contractor will be able to tell you for certain), that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Good luck!
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