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iuheather12March 4, 2013
Hi, I wanted to know if it's weird to have a hearth room/sun room next to your kitchen and not have a fireplace in the familyroom where the TV is?
Also, this house has room to eat on the kitchen island, but you would have to eat in the sun/hearth room otherwise. What do you think of these pictures?
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This is what the kitchen looks like
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The hearth area doesn't look strange at all, feels cozy. The TV console looks a bit small for the space, but otherwise it's nicely decorated.
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Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
It looks beautiful, fun, comfortable and inviting! What more could one want in a home? I love the zebra chairs with red pillows and a table between big enough for two glasses, in front of the fireplace. How wonderfully romantic for a late night tete a tete. The tall vertical mirror is fab!

The lanterns look super cool against their blue backgrounds, and the TV is splendid and unexpected over the white chest. The repeating drum shades in the kitchen repeat nicely the barstools. A superb job!
Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
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I agree! Beautiful, but in an unexpected, not-the-norm typical design ideas. Eclectic, traditional in a modern sort of way. Great job!
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Soring Interiors
Is there room to put a long rectangled table in front of the fire place for extra dining? Could have these fun looking chairs on each end or move them to another sitting area if they are to big. You don"t need the straight sticks in the sunroom next to the fire place. I would get a modern table, same color as your kitchen cabinets with fabric chairs or the same chairs as your counter chairs. That brings some of the dark hues into this naturally bright sunroom which now is a formal dining area for guests and family
Pamela Tamkin Soaring Interiors
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Nice decorating. Love the mirror and fireplace area, kitchen looks fabulous. Very interesting pieces but it all works. You have a gift of combining things quite well.
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Marie Hebson's interiorsBYDESIGN Inc.
Why are you mixing the red leafy pattern, with animal print, blue, black and ivory leathers?
then you have another pattern on the floor - so there is no commitment to a genre, or style -

Hey, don't get me wrong - I love a Boho Chic look but its hard to get right. You've made a wonderful effort here, but it's not grabbing me as finished or even interesting.

The mirror over the fireplace is too tall - I would have done something round.
The two chairs in front of the fireplace are also too tall and cutting off the space so that it also cuts off your gorgeous view to your yard.

You haven't brought the red into the space with anything other than a toss cushion - which feels completely disconnected. You need to commit to the red in at least three items in this space or get rid of it.

The rounded white console under the TV is wrong - I'd do something long, lean and textural like this Lexington Aquarius piece. Perfection for your aesthetic.

I'd try and swap the tall modern animal print wing backs with the two chairs flanking your sofa - see if that configuration feels a bit more proportionate and interesting -

I'd also add a gorgeous bouquet of red roses on top of your mantle, and a big bowl of bright red apples to your kitchen island -

Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous - not a thing to change there -

The magic that is going to make this all come together for you would be a magic fabric that has the tones of your animal print, your turquoise blue and your red colour you love, along with some of the more neutral tones of your sofa and square occasional chairs. That will be the tying bind that brings all of these spaces together and feel more pulled together.

Overall - you've done very well - its looking a bit amateur only because of this missing link that ties everything together. I don't mean to sound picky, but you do have some talent, and I want you to hone your craft even more and look like a pro! Good your space when you've found your "magic" fabric!
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I agree, I do not like the red, zebra or blue paint on the walls. I am thinking of buying this house and I would redecorate it better. In the room with the TV, I would take off the wall sconces and put built in shelves that are recessed into the wall with lighting in it, put a bigger TV on the wall and get a nice rectangle piece of furniture below the TV. I would take down the red drapes on the windows.
For the fireplace hearth room, I would paint the walls a different color, maybe a light grey or beige, get rid of the mirror and maybe put a little table and chairs in there.
I like the kitchen and I would lighten up the house by using light colors throughout the whole house I think.
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I think the house is beautiful, and I don't think it's weird to have a fireplace in this room instead of the family room. There are lots of possibilities here. It's going to be great fun to decorate. If it fits your needs, go for it!
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Daniel Dionne Designs llc
Nice space with great potential! Love the kitchen, as is. It seems to me that you have already identified the greatest opportunity, which is the TV wall, and with a very viable solution. Food for thought: If you were to add the inset shelving that you mentioned, why not go all the way and integrate a dedicated spot into this for the TV, eliminating the need for the rectangular media cabinet and better yet, maximizing available floor space. Lots of good ideas posted already. In regards to a table and chairs, consider placing them in front of the window currently dressed in the red panels, instead of in front of the fireplace. Seating near the fireplace is such a luxury. This approach gives you the benefit of a dining area WITHOUT sacrificing your cozy fireplace seating option, which is also great for informal entertaining. We all know that guests congregate in the kitchen during gatherings despite any other options. The seating would allow guest to be "in the kitchen" but not in your way as you serve food and beverages. Since this is currently a purchase you are considering, I will assume you will be adding your own furnishings. That said, think about sofa and chairs, not sectional. Much more versatile for configuration.You may be able to turn the sofa with it's back to the window and put a drop leaf table against the back, defining the dining area with minimal space commitment and adding extremely versatile multi function capabilities to the room. This would, of course, depend on how central the TV is to the way in which you would use this space. Good Luck!
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