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ckake830March 4, 2013
I just bought a new house and need some help updating the space. It is awesome but not my style. My style is more crate and barrel type. I need help with paint colors. I am thinking a light brown or grayish color. Do I paint all the walls or just the two behind the fireplace. Also I am not a big fan and the oak and would like to paint it white. Thoughts ? Also do you like the mirror above the fireplace? Thanks for your ideas. I. Can't wait to get started on this room!!! Also ideas for a couch color and type would be great the last photo is a paint color I like.
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Mary Poulos Interior and Exterior Design
Definitely paint the wood trim to white. I would consider installing a taller base or going contemporary on the base you have by painting it the same color as the wall but with a trim sheen.

If you want the mirror , I would either get a much larger mirror, the top of which bomes up much higher on the fireplace (18"?), or flip this one verticle. Then select a vase and put it in front of the mirror and put tall twisted branches or something like Perhaps Manzanita branches, I think they are the reddish brown ones, you can check. And, they would reflect back from the mirror and soften the fireplace in an organic way.
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Awesome. Thanks Mary. What would you suggest with the wall color? Paint an accent wall or all the walls? Also would you paint the two wood beams on the ceiling white ?
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Natalie Hancock at Designer's Brew
Tavern Taupe or Stone Lion (both are from Sherwin Williams) would be a GREAT wall/ceiling paint color. They pull both brown and grey tones and allow other accent colors to really "pop"! I suggest painting the walls and ceiling the same color so that you raise the height of the room. If you just painted the walls, the room would feel shorter. I suggest painting your window trim and base an ivory color (not a stark white, but something with a little warmth) .

A mirror would totally be fine above the mantle, but it needs to be hung vertically. If your feeling a little more adventurous, an oversized vertical canvas could be spectacular! I can see neutrals with pops of chartreuse green or a shade of blue (turquoise to navy)....Leftbank Art has fabulous oversized canvas art!

If you ditch the sectional you can create multiple seating arrangements. I would flank the fireplace with tall transitional wing back chairs (this chair from world market is the style I have in mind: ). I would keep your sofa color neutral and add some color with with accent pillows. An area rug, coffee table, and accent tables for lighting will bring the room together!

Good Luck!
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Greige seems to be your color favorite. Here's more info...
Ideabook: Going Greige: Tips for Choosing This All-Around Neutral · See Ideabook
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Mary Poulos Interior and Exterior Design
Here the color of the fireplace, was pulled throughout the room. The color was even in the picture in the fireplace. I always acknowledge the colors of finishes whether rock or wood as a color and I try to weave it, that color, throughout the room, judiciously. The wall color in this room is called either pigeon gray, or crisp muslin, by Dunn Edwards. It is a greige with a touch of olive, which allows the fireplace to pop out a little more, in a very subltle way. Notice how the pillows pick up bits of the same colors in the picture. .
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Like,the color of,the wall you want. Do not like the mirror on mantel. Designers will give good suggestions here. I like the sectional but not the wall art or lamps.
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Mary Poulos Interior and Exterior Design
I think changing the paint color is key to start. Any pink undertones will not work with your fireplace in my opinion.
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Marie Hebson's interiorsBYDESIGN Inc.
Don't paint the mantle - there is deliscious tension being created with the rustic mantle.

Do paint your walls your paint colour -
Find two things before you commit to this paint colour though.

1) Inspiration photo of the finished dream room you want.
2) Inspiration point - a piece of fabric, toss cushion, painting or artwork of one thing that has all the colour, texture and pattern you want in your living room.

These two pieces will always be your "go to" pieces to refer back to and make sure your room is staying focused and on track.

Get rid of the lamps on the hearth - buy large pillar candle holders or sculptures of something - once you've defined your style and obtained items 1 and 2. I've posted a photo of one fireplace two completely different looks based on this principle - very important when designing a space to have these clearly in your mind when your shopping for things. A nice gorgeous charcoal grey sofa would be spectacular for your space - but style needs to be determined base on your choices for inspiration.

Good Luck!
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BM Edgecomb gray is a great Greigy color. Or if u want to go darker BM Revere Pewter. I just painted my living room Edgecomb Gray.
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Soring Interiors
Hello, another opionion Oh My! It Looks like you like the grey tones. I would paint the fireplace as your accent wall along with the fireplace in a charcoal grey. The other walls in a much lighter grey. The Mantel needs to be more substantial ,thicker with the light grey paint or light grey stain. I would get a new sofa to fit the space better in a charcoal grey . Accent pillows are where pops of color come from . I just did a place with charcoal grey sofa's with bright yellow pillows and white and grey pillows, It was stunning. Barrel lamp shades are more modern and classic at the same time. Turn the mirror vertical It will balance the fireplace better. You could also buy two sofa's facing each other from either side of fireplace and two printed chairs in creamy white and grey. Drapes in white with nickle gromet style. Also new lighting fixtures over dining area and the fan. Pamela tamkin Soaring Interiors
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Thank you everyone I really appreciate all your ideas. One more question. Should I paint over the bricks. Is that what you mean Pamela? Also does anyone know if it is expensive to have the floor board and windows painted?
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I am not sure we have the money to put in hardwood right now. Plus the whole house has light colored original hard wood and we like having carpet
In one room because we have. 8 month old.
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We will have to work with the carpet for now. But I do like your idea. Here are some photos of rooms I look. Not sure what to call my style. Maybe you could help be figure that out.
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My style
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If it were me, I would make the mantle heavier and redo the base of the fireplace to in a different material and dark color. Definitely paint the wood frames on the windows, and give the lamps away ;) The sectional is overwhelming. Looking at your style it seems not to fit.
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