Need help for my kitchen back splash

egbar5March 7, 2013
I am going to update my kitchen counter top, may be back splash, & all my appliance. I am not going to change ventilation hood. I have decided to use Granite for counter top. One of remodel company rep suggested that I could keep my existing back splash & change counter top & appliances to save money. I still have not made decision on back splash. My existing back splash is 4x4 inch tile with flower pattern on some of tiles. I like to have some pattern to my back splash if i change to new one. Should I keep my old back splash? If I change it, what material should I use? Any suggestions on material & pattern would be appreciated.
Thanks BJ
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i would change the backsplash, as it is a more visual impact in the kitchen than you might think. if budget is an issue, i would reconsider the granite for another solid surface counter and find a great tile for your backsplash. If you love the granite you are thinking of, go for a subway tile backsplash--simple and affordable. If you are happy with your cabinets, i would consider some metals knobs/pulls for interest, and perhaps consider a simple detail on the hood to break up the big chunk of wood. i love that you are working with your existing cabinets and layout.
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I would recommend updating your backsplash. The floral tile accents date it too much. Once you choose your granite, use some of the background colors in it to determine your backsplash color(s).
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I would go for the countertop of your choice and still get rid of the tile backsplash. Having done some myself, tiling an area like that would not be difficult even for a beginner if you are at all interested or so inclined. If you use the mosaic tiles on a sheet, even easier! Just a thought for saving money.
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Fautt Homes
Does this look familiar? We did this remodel a few years back. Redo all the tile. It you leave any it still will look out dated.
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Yes, if you are doing all that work, selecting a new tile backsplash will make a big difference. If you really like the flowers on the hood, and want to keep them, then you might select something neutral that coordinates but if you select the right height tile, they can rework the tile on your hood to match - that is really the right thing to do to carry it through.

The flowers aren't what date these tiles for me, they are kind of the fresh timeless element - it is the ombre shading to bring dimension to the tile that gives it a certain era, and how the grout darkens over time. You may select some new flowers for the hood trim and install something coordinating.

You have lovely dark cabinets, so I hope you will select a relatively light or medium toned stone for contrast. The new quartzes have a lot to offer in the honey tones that would pick up on your wood. Then just go looking - there are more options in backsplash tiles than there are in stone, and they have some really neat options for a focus behind the range, and so forth.
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Purcell Quality, Inc.
I agree with what others have said. You need to change the backsplash as well, you can find an inexpensive option that will really give the kitchen an updated look.

Best of luck!
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Fautt Homes
Still say loose the flowers and the large dark grout. Their are such great tiles that you can do with a neutral color pallet so you just change your decor when you get tired of it. Here is the photo behind the range.
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I love your design. What material did you use for back splash? is there seal that I could use over the tile to prevent stain? How can I clean the stain splashed from cooking ?
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Fautt Homes
The material is a 6x 6 tumbled marble. We sealed the grout. I think you can seal the tile but we have never done that before. It is a natural product so depending on what gets on it it usually can get scrubbed off. Here's another kitchen we did with the tumbled marble.
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Sandi Perry Interiors
Hi BJ, if you're considering any natural kind of stone for your backsplash you should definitely seal it. This can be done by you. A tile sealant comes in an enhanced version which means it will deepen the shade of the stone (you can test this out by splashing some water on the stone to see if you like that) or a natural sealant. Bith will do the job at keeping stains off your the beautiful stone.
Another way to go that is more cost effective is porcelain tiles in an updated shape, like i have in this backsplash I did...since you're keeping the tiles on the hood, I wouldn't suggest matching them, but I wouldn't suggest ignoring them completely, that will only make them stand out more.
Good luck!
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Glass Tile Store
Here's what your kitchen could look like with our arcadia cookie glass tile for the backsplash and dark countertop
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