Front entry updates needed!

moroseMarch 8, 2013
Just purchased this home in late 2012. We like the entry doors, but not the diagonal paneling. The ceiling is also paneled (not diagonally), thoughts on keeping the ceiling paneled for texture? The floor is slate. The entry faces north and there is a covered portico outside. Please share thoughts to update the space! Thank you
PS the home is mid century modern architecture
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Here's a picture from the other side of the foyer.
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Wow, what a stunning entrance. I agree that the paneling on the wall is not appealing, nor does it compliment your beautiful doors. Is it an option to tear out and replace with drywall or are you looking to work with it?
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Leaning toward ripping out the paneling, but open to all suggestions. Thanks for the compliment on the foyer!
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The doors are great! I agree on removing the paneling. It will add a ton of light to the foyer. Maybe a nice big piece of artwork on the wall under a table with some lamp or tasteful floral arrangement
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What a beautiful entrance! I agree to only remove and sheetrock the paneling that is installed on the diagonal. Congrats on your new home. I'd love to see more.
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I agree with everyone that the paneling should be removed.... In addition, I think a rug that runs the length of the foyer would be a nice way to add warmth to the hard surface and dark color of the tile floor .
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I wouldn't change a thing.. Add some art work and a rug. The black and white wallpaper is terrific.
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I like the idea of a runner. What type and color would you suggest with the dark slate floor? Kid and dog friendly preferred! :)
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I would shop your flooring store for a carpet that can be cut and bound to the size that you need. A mid-tone, tightly woven carpet that would easily repel stains. Here are a few style recommendations.
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Question about lighting replacement? the ceiling is 8ft with track lighting spots in brushed gold right now. Keep it? Change it? Remember, mid century modern architecture.
David, thank you. The wall paper was my brave, out of the box decorating idea and I love it too.
Keitha, thanks for the runner ideas. I am going to check with our local flooring store.
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Replace all paneling..kind of feels like a sauna. Lighting should be recessed cans to spot light your flooring and walls. Large, detailed console table with mirror, lighting and accessories that create the drama from get go as you walk in the door. Covering too much of the slate would be a shame.
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Stunning doors, saw a pair like this last week in the Uper and just about drove off the road. As a designer, the previous homeowner was what we call a "wood butcher" some one thought the more the better. I would remove the wood from the walls and the ceiling (costly, however) and replace with sheetrock. I would take that a step further and choose the right wallcovering, something with a texture and not too dark. You need to carry the heavy elements of the flooring and the doors. The shapes are very important to reaffirm in's all about line, it's the glue that makes or breaks any project. Better lighting (appropriately chosen).
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The long wall could be treated with a wallpaper...something that works with the dining room paper, maybe something that has a shimmer. I gave you several groupings...unique bench with mercury glass mirror, long console soldiered by side chairs, and opened leg console that has detail. Replace each piece with items that speaks to your taste. But, its the overall grouping that will be stunning. Love, love your doors.
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First - I have a love for mid-century modern - always say it will be one of my next houses. That said - agree the doors are great and should be the focal point of the entrance - but once you get inside this foyer - it is so busy and dark - the doors get lost. I don't know what your style is - but if you like modern - or at least an updated transitional look - and depending on your budget - here is what I would do:
-Paneling must go - I suspect that is not original but it is screaming 70s. It makes the room dark, adds no architectural interest. Besides - I have found dark wood turns off so many prospective buyers - dates a house and overwhelms people. If you like the idea of texture - your could do an accent wall in a more contemporary look - I will look for a picture to share.
- If your house was a country cottage - I would keep the ceiling wood and paint it white - but it's not - it is also making your ceiling look lower than it probably if you go to the expense to remove and plaster the walls - do yourself a favor and do the ceiling too. And that way you can replace the spot lights on the ceiling with recessed lighting.
- Now you might not like this - but I would take out the floor (unless your budget cannot afford it). This floor tells me 50s or early 60s. I would go with a simple limestone or a more uniform slate - but do not do small tiles or lay them in a traditional grid. You could go oversized - really big makes a narrow space look bigger - or do rectangle and do them offset. Some of the better tile stores have great ceramic options that look like limestone or slate but are less expensive and very durable.
- Paint your wood trim (except the doors) white. Keep the doors your focal point and dramatic.
- On the long wall I would do a long table - maybe two small ottoman that roll underneath but can be pulled out to slip shoes on or off! Above - a nice mirror - a pair of table lamps.

You can make this space light - bright - and dramatic! Also - think about mid-century accents you could bring into the room - have fun with it!

Condominium · More Info
The sort of grid show on the fireplace could be done on an accent wall.
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I had a slate foyer. Dated and very dark and I do not like Slate of that era. Rather than rip it up because there was about an inch thick of cement we just laid marble over it. You have to take into consideration for doors to swing with the rise but it was not much of a problem.
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Definitely too busy. Too much going on. What you need is to take the paneling off and trowel on some American Clay in a neutral color to complement the rest of the foyer... just google American Clay. You will love this product, I do! Then you can add some colorful art to draw in visitors.
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Gorgeous doors and windows. I agree with other posters: remove the 1970's panelling. To make the entry floor kid- and dog- friendly, plan to replace the slate with something lighter eventually. In the meantime, use a cut-to-measure patterned rug that doesn't show spots and can be sent out to be cleaned.
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Yup. You need to clay the wall, pull off the paneling on the ceiling too. Before your clay, add 2 sconces, perhaps in a George Kovaks style, and then hang some good art with wonderful contrasting colors in the middle of the sconces. You could play up the art with a runner in a color scheme theme that matches the art.

For the clay, you might go with a neutral like or Oyster Bay or Nantucket Sand but you might use a light grey to complement your slate....
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I would take the fixture off the ceiling and replace with sconces and recessed cans. The recessed cans should be small, like 3 inch or 4 inch so they look proportional to the width of the entryway....6 inch will look too big.

Your house looks just like mine did....6 years ago!

Also, you may want to consider what to do with the dark closet door. If the wood is very rough, painting it over won't work so you may have to replace it. If you replace it, buy a smooth wood door and paint it in the same shade as the clay (just take a clay sample to your paint store and have them match it). Lightening the door will enlarge and lighten up the entry.

Good luck.
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Barnhart Gallery
Nice job repeating the lines of the door in your wallpaper. The '70's paneling isn't working here, although it sounds like the ceiling can stay if it goes either stained to go with the front doors or paint in either black, white, or a lighter version of a tone from your floor. Don't feel terribly about taking down the paneling -- perhaps it could be used horizontally on a bathroom wall somewhere.
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Love the American Clay. I've never seen that before. Is it durable?
I don't love the slate floor, but it is staying for now. I got the consensus - paneling will be coming out!!!
I appreciate all the ideas and feedback. Barnhart gallery, thanks for noticing the lines of the doors in the wallpaper.
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Totally, dogs, food, markers, etc. I don't want to sound like a sales rep cause I am not connected to the product in any way except as a customer... I pulled the paneling off in the living room and didn't have a huge budget. The drywall was unfinished because they paneled over it so they didn't bother to mud and sand. I heard of American Clay from a friend and did it myself. I am not handy but it came out great. The clay absords odors like wet dog, cigarettes, and resists mold. If you mark it up, you take a damp cloth and wipe it off. If your house settles and it cracks, you take your spare clay, add water and retrowel. You can do fancy patterns and even mix colors but I just went Nantucket sand cause my house is filled with beautiful rock walls and slate floors.

Add art with deep reds or maybe deep blues/greens to go with your slate. I love Jane Hunt here in Boulder, Colorado and her textured paintings are amazingly cheap (under $1000).
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So you can see all the paneling on the back wall in the living room...with the rock and the slate, it was way to busy. So within 2 months of moving in, I clayed the walls. I have since added recessed cans above the rock that makes it pop. I've added sconces to draw the eye and rugs.

Again, good luck. I think your will love it.
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Finally, paint the ceiling (don't clay the ceiling) in a neutral warm shade of white. The molding can go one of two ways. Either give it a soft sand and re-stain it to match the doors or paint it in the same neutral off-white as the ceiling. I went with re-staining to match my doors and it came out great. It plays well with the thick beams I have.

Also I wanted to mention that I found some solid carpet in the same color as my clay and had runners cut and bound. It softens the slate floor which can get cold in the winter and blends it together.

That's it. I'm done now. ...sorry for my rambling.
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Will you be posting an update...I'd love to know how your entry came out.
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If you really are going to tear out the panelling [love the planks on the ceiling] why not try painting it first? Off white or pale pale robin's egg dusty blue-green. The floor is great too. It has a lot of character. Personally I would avoid sheet rock. It's horribly messy and dust-producing to install and gives a generic feel to a space.
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Durpetti Interiors
Love the doors! A nice midcentury modern wall covering would look great and compliment the doors! I think the paneling is too much wood and is competing somewhat with the doors. Matching waterfall tables and mirrors on each side of entry would be nice finish! Best of luck!
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The paneling does not even deserve one moment's consideration. It gets ripped out. (You might be able to freecycle the boards as it is a shame to put seasoned lumber in the landfill.)
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Yes, Judy, I will post an update when we have reno'd the space. My hubby, the ultimate big picture guy, is the hold up. The good news is that he has agreed to hire a talented, local architect to make the big picture plans. This will allow us a plan to incorporate the front entry, kitchen, sunroom, and family room renovations so that the end goal is in sight!! The bad news is the project just got bigger and more expensive! Hubby also says new, energy eff windows must be part of front entry updates. Thanks for all the advice. I will be talking to the architect about many of the ideas!
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So you really are in the exact spot I was 6 years ago!!! If you ever need advice on dealing with architects (I went through 3), contractors (I went through 8), county permitting, or product brands (I studied windows, doors, flooring, paints, refrigerators,etc) just ask me.....someone should benefit from all the hard lessons I learned!!!
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