Open concept new built
March 9, 2013 in Design Dilemma
As my new place is a bungalow with an open concept
I am having a hard time picking paint colors
9ft ceilings I decided on just painting ceiling white
How about crown.... I want the modern look through out.

Any ideas
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Shawn Lagemann
"Open cencept", assume that would mean open to the kitchen as well? If you can give a little more information, floorplan so we can see the living spaces and window placement. Have you chosen flooring yet, what type and color? Kitchen cabinets, countertops? Are there any colors you've been leaning toward? If you can provide some of this information, you'll get much more helpful responses.... or maybe you need help picking more than just paint??
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It Is a pity you chose white for your ceilings, because you could have chosen lighter shades of your wall colours to give them more continuity. However, modern colours are greige, pale grey or if you are looking for contemporary (although anything can go and there are many other options than those safe bets) these are they.
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Modern interiors usually don't have any crown moldings. Any shades of 'neutral' tones would work depending on what the space is like.

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If you want a modern look, definitely avoid any crown molding. This is a very traditional feature, that ranges from builder grade to luxury (in cost and appearance). Buyers generally look for crown molding as an "upgrade," but because you are just building this house (presumably for you to enjoy for many years), I would go with what is going to make you happy (and what you can afford!). But once again, although you can dress crown molding up with modern finishes it in of itself is definitely NOT modern.
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Compare the two photos above. Both are very pretty and stylish but definitely different looks bc of crown molding. Also with respect to paint colors. If you look at "great rooms" on houzz, you'll see almost any color can work if you continue it throughout the space. Especially since the walls will be broken up by windows, doors, furniture, artwork, etc. I personally light the medium tone neutrals (greys, taupes, even blues), as long as you bring in color elsewhere. A lot of the design dilemmas I see start and end with too many muted neutrals, whether it be in the flooring, wall coverings, furniture or artwork. (Like mashed potatoes without the salt or butter). I don't mind a monochromatic look, but when everything is muted neutrals, I think what was the point in the first place. You can also do an accent wall to break up the monochromatic look without making it too jarring, which can often be the case if you paint one space one color and an adjacent space a strikingly different color. I will post some pics (Just figuring how to do this posting pics thing, so bear with me.)
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