Help me pull together this living room!
Kari Campbell
March 10, 2013 in Design Dilemma
The 30 foot walls are a bit overwhelming for my meek decorating skills. I have plans to paint and update the window treatments, but with what? I would like to have a cozier living space, but the expansiveness seems to thwart me. We have ideas to place the TV over the mantel and add doors to the existing TV corner cabinet. (Mainly so we can center the furniture around the fireplace instead of the corner.) What to do with the huge empty wall to the right of the windows? Do you have any ideas on how to pull the 2 levels of windows together? I am open to all ideas, big or small. We will likely replace the furniture, so your thoughts on that are also appreciated. Thanks!
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A Crew of Two
I think you have a great space. I feel like the wall color is a little too rosy, but it could just be the way the photo came out. Exactly what color is your paint? I think the room would look better in a soft wheat color. Are you looking for window ideas to block light or to just treat the windows as a whole? I like the idea of shades for the windows if you need the privacy for the lower windows and then just hanging a gauzy white curtain for the lowers. I love the room below. You will need large pieces of furniture to fill the space, but it doesn't mean bulky. I think the FP area should all be painted white and definitely mount the TV over it. I would remove the tapestry and paint the walls all one color. I think you need art work lower in the room. Your eye will go up automatically, i don't think you need to hang things in the higher spaces. Wall of windows with shades add light & privacy to a Formal Dining Room Family Room Addition-Chicago North
   March 10, 2013 at 10:06PM
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Agree with kklinton above, and to make the living room inviting or cozy, I would place two swivel chairs and a round table in the middle, a long tablecloth with a thick boarder. This way the white shade on window does not look like an empty white canvas. I would make the drape treatment start higher, but do add long drapes from the very top as the pictures below show. Or at least as high as the framing of the fireplace, (See picture below on the right.) Put a mirror above the fireplace avoid small items on the mantel. (Or paint the center in the same color as the frame and add long tall and slender bases with flowers.) Move the clock above your TV. And as far as the larger wall decorations are concern, these can be appreciated from the second floor level. Maybe you can add some coming down the stairs too... Sorry I could not attach a better picture.

Contemporary Living Room design by Dc Metro Interior Designer Decor by Denise

Traditional Living Room design by Chicago Interior Designer Interiors by Mary Susan

Mediterranean Living Room design by Atlanta Architect Boye Architecture/
   March 11, 2013 at 1:37AM
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Kari Campbell
Great comments, thank you both!

@kklinton - The current wall color is Cardboard from Sherwin Williams, but I will be changing it. I was thinking a light grey or beige so your soft wheat suggestion sounds great. I'm not concerned about privacy in regards to the upper windows.

@estea - i love your idea of the table and swivel chairs in front of the window. I was thinking of adding a cornice above the lower windows and long drapes hidden underneath, so both of your suggestions help my decision.

If adding a cornice to the lower windows, would you add a cornice above the upper windows as well to pull them together, or (keeping the cornice on the lower) add a simple shade on the upper windows in the same color of the walls to blend in? Other thoughts?

Since we will be buying furniture and centering towards the fireplace with TV above, what pieces do you recommend? sectional? couches? I have 3 active teenagers and each one has lots of friends who invade frequently ;), so it must be dive-bomb friendly. I really like the swivel chairs/table in front of the window idea, but I will need additional seating as well.

Thank you!
   March 12, 2013 at 5:07PM
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Elinor Rowlands
Colour blocking may also be a good idea, you may not want the same grey or beige throughout and if you're going to go for light grey or beige walls you may want to think about painting the wood (not the frames) but the actual doors, and I think it's a TV cabinet next to fireplace?, well its doors a darker grey as this instantly gives a sharper more contemporary feel! It would also break the white cabinets up against the fireplace which you may prefer to be your main focal point - at the moment it competes against that cabinet!

It might be more of a British thing (not sure as I don't live in the States) but you could bring more colour to the room using either painted wooden shutters or a colourful printed blind and/or floor length curtains which instantly frame the windows and add something to the room.

What a lovely space you have!
   March 12, 2013 at 5:21PM
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Elinor Rowlands
Question: Is that white door next to the big window your front door? (and if not where does it lead?)
   March 12, 2013 at 5:24PM
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Kari Campbell
Elinor - yes! splendid idea! (in my best British accent) :) I hadn't thought of that. I think your suggestion of painting the door and cabinets a different color from the FP will solve some of what I currently don't like about it.

The door leads to the back yard arbor. The afternoon sun blazes through these windows. I would consider losing the blinds, but will need some other covering. I am open to changing to maybe roman blinds?

You ladies are a God send - I have hope!
   March 12, 2013 at 9:24PM
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Please contact me before purchasing from ARCHITECT BOYE
   March 13, 2013 at 7:09PM
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