Bathtub vs Shower in a 2 full bathroom equipped home

pimms1967March 11, 2013
I have a 1929 English Tudor cottage home with 3BR/2 full Baths. I will be remodeling the master bathroom on second level, which is the main bathroom for the 2 bedrooms up there, eventually I will remodel the other bathroom, but the master tile is hideous and the priority. I'm keeping the original sink and toilet in master.

My dilemma is that both bathrooms are small (master a bit bigger, I don't know dimensions of either) and both have the shower/tub combo, and I've always heard you should have at least one bathtub in the home. So which tub do I tear out? There's not enough space to have separate shower and tub, and I don't think either could be reconfigured or that I would want the expense. Both tubs are the original big, deep cast iron type so it does pain me to remove one, but both are not necessary. I may take a bath once a year and would prefer having just a nice shower in master.

However, if I'm thinking down the line for future resale, it seems the main level would be more logical to have just a shower if there's older adults or ones with physical issues, and that would mean leaving the tub in master bath. This second bathroom is accessed through the main level 3rd bedroom.

I've never posted pictures before so don't know how these will show up, but hopefully get the idea. 2 pictures of master bath, 1 picture of main level bath.

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Kaplan Architects, AIA
This is a tough one to call as the master bath may have the older adult in it and may want the shower only set up for easy access.
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I think you could make two attractive bathrooms without moving any tub or fixture.
Small Space Bathroom · More Info

Your main bathroom could look almost exactly like the one above (top left picture) with new tile and a glass shower shield.
Park Avenue Renovation · More Info

You could also do something very similar to this picture (top right picture) for your master bath if you tile the side of the tub to look like a nice surround without taking up more space.
Bathrooms · More Info

If you do decide to take the tub out, you could put a seat in the new shower (like the bottom picture) so if an elderly person did buy the house, they could sit while they shower.
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For resale, a shower over tub is preferrable to just a shower. Glad to hear you are going to keep the sink, but the toilet, if old, should be replaced since it wastes water.
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I am a huge believer in doing whatever YOU want to do to your house while its yours. If you have no immediate plans for resale, then take out the tub in the master, if that's what you want to do. Having a tub in one bathroom, I feel, is good enough. We just remodeled our master bathroom and took out a jacuzzi tub because it was never used and put in a 2-person shower and couldn't be happier!! Good luck with your remodel-whatever you decide.
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If I take a tub out (either bathroom), the new shower would have a bench of some sort (I forgot to mention that), I want one for myself anyway. I'm inclined to think leaving the tub in the main floor bathroom is the way to go since it's the one mostly used just for the toilet and sink, and the shower only if I have guests staying.

Before my mother passed away, in her condo she used the shower in the guest bathroom with a portable shower seat and she had a handheld showerhead, it was too difficult and risky for her to get in and out of the tub/shower combo she had in her bathroom. I'm also planning to put shower bars in both, again I want for myself anyway, you just never know when they might come in handy, I've almost wiped out a few times already in both!

I do plan to be here for at least 10-15 years, so I agree in doing what I want, but I have to be practical too, you never know what can happen.

Yes, I hear you on the toilet, but it doesn't get used as much as you think and it's in excellent condition. The main floor bathroom is a new water efficient Toto toilet, I had it replaced because it wasn't ADA height and difficult for my Mom to use.
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Jeffrey Brooks Interior Design
I've got two basic concepts here. Number one is to keep allof the fixtures as they are. Change the floors and walls. In the Master consider white stone with a smokey Gray running through it. Lay the floor on the diagonal in 4" x 4" squares. For the walls use a White, clear glass, and silver or Gray linear mosaic tile. Nickle plumbing fittings. Dump the shutters for a bottom-up shade. In the ground floor bath you might stay essentially the same as now but with fresher tiles. Use a stronger color on your walls.
My second shcool of thought is to follow your thinking. If theres a Bedroom on the first floor then thinking ahead for future occupants is not a bad way to go. Install a small (37" x 37") stall shower. Replace the sink with either a small vanity and top-mounted sink or a pedestal. Update the toilet and use a neutral color throughout. Mixing up textures will keep it interesting.
Now for the Master, keep a tub and shower combination but with either glass doors or a glass panel.
Go for what you like best with the tile and use a vanity with a long sink.
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