Before & "still-trying-to-get-to-after"
March 11, 2013 in Before & After
The orange/red picture is before, the calmer colours the after. I'm wondering if the patterned couch is better or worse than the green couch (pictured in a different house)? Would bookcases work behind the best couch, what colour?
This is harder than I expected but very exciting to get feedback.
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I totally sympathize with your decorating indecision. I'm in the middle of my own. Is the photo or is your carpet a little on the pink side of tan? Ignoring that aspect (which you can correct with a nice big area rug, which I recommend to anchor the LR area), I LOVE the sofas. For once somebody chose furniture that isn't faux leather (or even the real thing, but overwhelmingly too much of it!). I love the contrasting pattern and the style is downright "camp," a great foil to the more modern aspect of your LR.

What is the ledge behind the larger sofa? Is that a heating unit? Or an architectural way of moving venting for AC/heat instead of through the ceilng? It appears too narrow to do much with it, but goes the length of the room. One thing you might do is attach a natural wood (2x12 or 2x10), stained shelf atop that ledge. It would take on the appearance of a floating shelf. You didn't ask, but as soon as you can, I'd get rid of the blinds (yuck) and put roman shades or shutters inside the window casing. The ledge sort of precludes doing long draperies without appearing somewhat awkward. Take advantage of it.

Shelving unit. Not sure. I'd like to see a photo fo the opposite end of the room, what's going on there. I assume you've put the sofas in every possible configuration and like this one best for the spatial relationships. What plans do you have for tables? A big coffee table isn't necessary. There's a fun trend of several smaller tables (none matching) that can be moved as required.

The idea of a seating area is convivial conversation, social interaction, without arm's length. Just becuase you have all the sq footage does't mean the furniture has to cover it all. If you buy a rug, make sure it's big enough for at least the front feet of all the seating to be on it. I also recommend recovering the pillows in a solid (too much clashing patterns) in a rust for warmth. (Rust would be a good color for the rug, too.) Does any of this help?
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So helpful! The opposite side of the room is a TV fireplace, and the end of the room is open stairs to the upstairs. Here are some old/new photos to help.
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It is a basement room so the ledge goes around the whole outer wall. In the bedrooms too. A pain for positioning furniture and curtains. It is just drywall. So far I've been using it for photos and trying to keep everyone from turning it into a bookshelf. A fun coffee table/trunk would be a great addition. It is a very relaxed football/movie/Xbox room.

Thank you!!

PS. The last picture shows the tops of the windows in the upstairs. The stairs go on the other side of that railing.
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I have to be onset and say that the couches are not at all my style. It is hard to get past them. If they were all the color of the arms they would look nice but the pattern is not attractive and looks odd with the solid color arms. If you can get the cushions covered I would consider that. I would also recommend an area rug to warm up the space and break up all that carpet. It will be hard to match a pattern rug with the couches as they are, though.
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I will try the green and look into slip covers. Dark better than light?
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The other photos definitely change my perspective on this room. With a fireplace that dominant, everything has to revolve around it. I don't know that I'd bother covering the sofas unless you just really want to.

Have you considered wall-mounting the tv over the mantel? Given that it's a basement family room, it's not as if you're going for a formal (despite the sofas) decor there. Wall-mounted TVs can be angled so that it's easier to see despite the height. Then place the big sofa in front of the fireplace. Forget what the walls are doing. Arrange the sofa according to the (awkward) angle of the FP. I don't much are for the stuff over the mantel anyway; it jsut looks junky. That might be better displayed in glassed frames and hung along the wall at the foot of the stairs.

Have you considered putting the furniture at the top room into the basement room? It seems to fit more with the concept of family room? Perhaps we need some idea of what you're trying to acheive in each room. How do you want each room to function?

Love the windows!
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The orange fireplace is the "before" picture. Here is how it is now so it's now so dominant or "junky". Our function plan would be to relax and entertain. It is too small a space to be glamorous or elegant. I guess I'd like it to be fun and comfortable.
I just had honeycomb blinds installed on the big windows. Yeah!
Thanks again everyone.
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Oh, yes, much sharper. Did anyone ever answer your question about bookcases? I'm thinking there's a lot going on in that room, what with fireplace, oddly angled walls, staircase. Depending on how deep that ledge is, consider shelves on the upper half of that wall, taking advantage of the ledge. That would leave the bottom half open for furniture placement and would give each window a deeper embrasure. Depends on how many books and items you need to shelve. Paint same color as wall.

Honeycomb blinds are a good choice.
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There were mixed opinions about colour of bookshelves. We are a family of ferocious readers so having a home for all the books would be great. Perhaps with some doors so less clutter. I like the wall idea by the windows don't think there would be enough space.
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