Complete kitchen overhaul
March 12, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Any ideas for this kitchen, in need of a complete overhaul? It's very dark (only two small windows) with a low ceiling ... we were thinking of lightening up the floor, putting in an island, painting the ceiling? Any thoughts would be welcome!
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Is this an old home? If so I wouldn't replace the floor. You can put a light colored sisal rug down. You can do a light wash paint on the ceiling, too. It looks like you need more lighting around the room. What are the room dimensions?
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TJP Designs and Construction LLC
Houzz will give you lots of ideas, but for this size project, you should meet with a local kitchen design firm for a layout that works best for your all your needs!
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wow!!!! what an amazing space with such potential. how large is the space and do you have pics of rest rooms in house to get the feel of your decor?
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A Crew of Two
I love your space- it is an amazing space!!!! Unless you absolutely hate the ceiling please don't paint it. A flooring in a light color would be gorgeous and make the space seem larger. If you must paint maybe just the ceiling leave the beams? Gorgeous! Definitely a large island. O'Suzannah's Country Retreat Modern Bungalow Casual Luxury
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CMR Interiors & Design Consultations Inc.
Love the ceiling. You need to work wisely with this. I see a large non modern custom hood on the back wall in the middle, a long island across that seats 3-4 ppl, and shelves on either side of the hood and a few cabinets on the other side . I love terra cotta but this one is just too dark. You need to light up on the floor area and it must have blonde tones to pick up the ceiling. Check out terra cotta from Ann Sacks and paris ceramics to get ideas.
This one is great:
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Thanks everyone for your thoughts and great ideas! The room is approximately 15' x 15'. I've attached a couple of other picture of the house - the main room shown here (which also needs work!) is where the kitchen leads to, via a small flight of stairs. We've been thinking also about light cabinets (perhaps light gray to pick up the gray from the stone?) and my husband is very keen on black soapstone for the countertops - I think this will be far too dark for the room.
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A Crew of Two
Just saying, I am super jealous!
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Frans Home
I would do a lime render in white with soft walls. Like the inside of a truili or old english cottage done up by the national trust.
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New York Stone
If you need help with picking out stone for your kitchen call us at New York Stone! 201-679-7031
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The room needs some track lighting, yes an island would be great. I would not touch the ceiling . If possible another window before you consider changing the flooring or the ceiling . Great room.
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Did you consider grouping your cabinets/ appliances according to function. The food prep and food storage could be more defined, Move the microwave and some counter next to your range The fridge next to the stove seems awkwardly placed. You have good components just perhaps you need some rethinking of the fridge. Ikea has a planner on line that you could play with your floor plan. Thank you for sharing with us.
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In my opinion, the best thing you can possibly do is to get rid of the white stock cabinets and add some great lighting. Are you sure you hate the ceiling and floor? Those two elements, combined with the exposed brick in the alcove, seem to be very fitting with a rustic Tuscan-style kitchen, which is a very popular style that so many people love. Add a yellowish plaster (or a faux plaster-style paint treatment), natural wood cabinets and an old style stove hood and you'd have a complete look. A Tuscan kitchen done the right way would make this space look warm and inviting. Check out this style before you abandon the good bones of your existing kitchen.
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Sandy Spencer
I Really lOVE the floor and Ceiling, as said in above Post if u must paint ceiling leave Beams the way they r!! U have a great Kitchen yea u do need more lights, what about the Tape Lighting or Rope Lighting under cabinets top and bottom,
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wow! Flashback. I grew up in this space. Real 200 year old beams and slate black floors, which I swapped out for your floors. (I had a similar situation in the Master Bed, but blew out the roof.) First, find a fab architect. He/she doesn't have to be in your state. They travel. This kind of space deserves the wisdom of an Arch. and or kitchen & bath designer.

The floors are perfect. going to a bland neutral is wrong. Unless they're damaged save your money for colored cabinets- possibly contemporary in style? and steel appliances with a massive curvaceous hood to add bling to this space. This space needs some bling: steel and glass.

The ceilings are your first decision with a designer. Do test panels with scratch lumber. I've seen pure white on scraped rough cut beams. It's amazing. You can rough them up more before painting if you like. Limed rough saw wood is gorgeous- exposing the grain of the wood. Or wash them in a warm white paint so the wood tones shows through. Have the paint/stain custom mixed at the site by an artist/painter (referred to you by the designer) to get that good balance of warmth and color. It needs to be applied, then rubbed off. Sometimes 2x. Labor intensive but worth it. This technique looked wonderful in my master bed ceiling.

If you have attic space or you can run wiring, you should set aside a lighting design budget to compliment this architecture.

Consider painting the stone/ brick. The texture will still add pop and interest.

If possible enlarge a window? Or put up a huge mirror on one wall to bounce light.

Hope that helps. :)
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Love your house,good luck with your remodeling
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First thing is to have continuous lower cabinets, at the moment they look haphazardly pushed unto the walls. If possible I would have the sink under the window and the stove in the beautiful stone walled area with a good size range hood. Large floor to ceiling pantry cupboards behind the dining area.
An island is a great idea!
The flooring is a personal choice, but large grout spaces might sometimes be hard to keep clean in a kitchen, I would go with a rustic, light and sealed Travertine. You can have darker countertops of you have a good lighting plan. I would have open shelves, to add to the rustic feel, and have lighting under the shelves, to lighten the dark countertops. Good luck!
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Here a few inspiration shots with lighter floors.
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Oh, and please do NOT paint the ceiling. It gives this room so much character.Your kitchen has so much potential and space, I'm sure it will turn out great!
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