Large living room problems- scale
Lauren S.
March 12, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I have a wonderfull vaulted ceiling, 2 story extra large living room that is the center of my home, but I feel like all my furniture was made for a smaller apartment. How do I made this room appear as grand as it really is? I plan on replacing the panelled walls and smoothing our the ceiling, but I am otherwise lost. I feel like it looks cluttered. My husband and I have very Modern/contemporary taste. I just want it to look fabulous! Side note: My beautiful leather sofa is pearl/cream colored. Does it clash with the stark white fireplace?
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That is a great space you have. If you have the space I would move the furniture back. The room is stark with the white fireplace and cream sofa and love seat but that can easily be fix with some accessories. I would start with a big painting on the fireplace mantle. Find something that you really love since it will be a focal point and the inspiration for color for the rest of the room. From there I would find a larger area rug with a nice pattern or color from the painting. Surya Rugs or Safavieh they both have some great designs and are reasonably priced. I would take all the other nicknacks off the mantle and do a composition of larger vases on the fireplace ledge. Pottery Barn has some nice vases, Pier 1 has nice foil vases. Stay away from glass or silver as it will add to the stark look again. I know you said that you like modern decor but adding maybe a great antique vase in the mix with modern pieces has a clean fresh look and is very in trend right now. Remember you want different heights and shapes, compositions with odd numbers, examples three vases, that are varied heights and widths or shape. Hope that helps would love to see what up come up with.
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Lauren S.
Those are some great ideas! Time to get shopping! Thanks!
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Lauren S.
What do you think of doing this oversized picture/canvas (ikea cheap, at least for now) and then putting a jute rug on the floor to match the natural fibers you see in the art? I plan on installing medium/dark wood floors soon, so Im hoping to warm it up a little, and I think a leafy subdued green accent color... Maybe that would pull it more to a comfortable contemporary look, since I fear the over drastic cold look in there. And all the natural light it gets may compliment those natural tones...
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Go for a HUGE rug and place your sofas entirely on the rugs. Instant impact. You can then pull them apart a little too.
(Two smaller rugs put together can do the trick too if you are on a budget, or go to a carpet store and choose a carpet you like, let them make a rug out of it. For large rugs that is often a cheaper solution.)

I like the idea of the natural fibers and the subdued green. I'll see if I can find you some inspirational photos.
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Just have to add this: if your style is really modern, the jute/sisal rug may not be really your idea of stunning. And I feel that even if it may for now be a cheaper solution, it still will cost money that could have gone to your absolutely stunning big rug. So... only go for sisal or similar materials if you really like it :-) Cheap things cost money too and I always feel it is a shame to put money towards things that are just a temporary solution and that you don't really, really love to have in your home.
So... mommy has spoken ;-)

Some examples of large rooms with large rugs:
Coeur D’Alene Residence on Lake Coeur D’Alene
Great Highway
Living Room
Flying Point Residence
bay house
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Ikea does have some nice big picture. Some thing that you can do for an original piece of art work is to find a picture that you have ex. picture from a vacation and have it enlarged to poster size. I do like the idea of the sisal rug but find that most that are available are not very big area rugs and mainly in just natural. Go to Home Depot and check out the outdoor sisal rugs they come in big sizes since they are meant to cover decks, and you can find them in nice designs while still being in natural colors.
I have used outdoor rugs for indoor use in some of my clients homes. Good luck
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Lauren S.
Thanks for those images! Those are fabulous huge living rooms. My husband and I agree that money is better spent just saving and buying the item you really want instead of a cheap short fix. And you may be right on the sisal. maybe we'll go with a classic shag look. or a pattern like the blue rug in one of the photos above... more shopping to do...
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Lauren S.
This is a photo of the living room during the day. The more I look at it, the more it screams giant rug.
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Maison Pompeii Antiques and Interiors
AW765 has given you greast ideas. I agree that natural jute rug is totally wrong for your modern vibe. If you really like the texture of jute, then try an african mask on a stand that has jute element to it. usually looks really good in a contemporary interior , gives texture and age and a unique vibe to your room. Go to air fairs or student shows at a college and find a nice original painting that you can have for years.
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Yep... I can hear it screaming from here (the Netherlands) :-)

I see you've removed the accessories from the fireplace mantle. Good idea.
You asked if we thought the white fireplace clashes with the cream sofa. I don't think it clashes. Do you?
If keep everything in the white/cream colour palette, with some darker accents it will look beautifully modern and light. Love the old wood beam across the ceiling.
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Hi Ed, yeah, but you're a guy. Guys generally don't like fluffy cushions or rugs ;-) No, but you're right. It's very much a personal choice. And even though I'm more of a minimalist myself, and I do like the examples you've attached, I do also believe that rugs would make those spaces more inviting and cosier. I'd go for solid big rugs though. No patterns.

Or... for a very large, soft coloured Persian style rug. For which one usually needs a second mortgage :-D
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carolins, I agree about the solid, no patterns. :) In the cold seasons, it is nice to have something soft and fluffy warm to lie on (I enjoy sitting on the floor as much as on a sofa or chair, see. :P ) Please keep us updated with photos of the progress. :)
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I'd love to keep you updated Ed, but it's not my room :-) We're having this rug-conversation in Lauren's home. And I too hope she will keep us up to date.
So Lauren... if you're listening :-D
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Go for some softening here. There is too much linearity: mantel, high railing, flat tops of sofas, coffee table, book shelves and rug. Something needs to break out of the square, linear box and add some feminine curves. Try a large round piece hung on the FP, a round coffee table and some curvy lamps. Someone mentioned an African sculpture, so how about some baskets above the mantel?
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