Furniture placement in long narrow living room
Susan Hall
March 13, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Have a long, narrow living room 10'6" x 25' with front door in one end wall and door to bedroom in opposite end wall.
Half way along one of the long walls are steps into dining /kitchen/ rest of house. Opposite long wall has 11 floor to ceiling windows with views of garden.
Thinking of placing new cream leather sofa (79") across the room, with one end close to window wall and the back 3-4 feet in front of the door to bedroom. New striped blues/ beige arm chair would be either directly opposite of at an angle with back to front door but approx 6 feet from the door as you walk in.
Floor is terracotta colored tile and ceiling is sloping-lower at window side of room (7' up to 10') with painted t &g and dark stained beams
The rug is sisal- a little too big maybe at 9' x 12", but thinking of moving this into DR and have seen a cream and blue (largely cream with large scale blue line pattern on it) wool rug. Only new pic I have at moment-will post more soon
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A Crew of Two
I would consider a low profile style sectional. Floor lamps rather than table. This will free up much needed walking room. I think your sisal rug is fine. Patterned pillows. Window treatments to soften the large window. Roman shades would be really nice and give you more options.
March 13, 2013 at 6:35AM     
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Susan Hall
Thanks Kelly. This sectional, like most we've looked at, wouldn't fit in our room. It's 120" wide, but we have steps up into the dining area that stick out 23" into the room. We have to allow traffic flow from the front door at one end, to the steps into the dining room and also to the bedroom door in the far end wall which you can see in the picture.
March 13, 2013 at 7:43PM   
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I too struggle with a loooong and narrow living space...Try not having a sofa at all, or several small apartment size sofas, one with thin arms, not the wider rolled arm sofas currently in the room. Houzz also shows rooms with out a sofa at all, just multiple chairs. Many carpet places will sell you a remnant which you could have cut down to be more long and narrow, and then they will bind it for you. Good Luck!
April 18, 2013 at 10:37AM   
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I actually like the large sisal rug. It fits in the style of the room, with the terracotta tiles and the windows.

You can browse Houzz, choose browse rooms and then whatever room you want, type in the search box 'long narrow' or something and lots of inspirational photos come up.

Here's an ideabook for you. Just follow the link under the picture:

April 18, 2013 at 10:44AM   
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Great room! Love the beamed ceiling and the windows! :) A small sectional sofa (as seen in pic) would probably work in your room. I love the look of filmy white drapes. They provide a bit of privacy without blocking all the natural light.
April 18, 2013 at 10:59AM     
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Susan Hall
Thanks everyone. Yes - I plan to go for some sheers on at least some of the windows- to define the "living area" Sissal rug had to go into the dining room after someone (not us!) made a bad job of trying to match new flooring where we removed tile that the old wood stove stood on.
The orig flooring was 2" reclaimed heart of pine tongue and groove and it was going to cost $800 for someone to specially mill 50 sq ft ! You can get 3" quite easily, but not 2" . "Someone" decided he could cut down 3" pine plank and lay them and it would look good, but he didn't stagger the join to the orig floor and didn't leave wide enough gaps between the wood pieces. Plus -it was stain grade pine and it has nowhere near the same amount of grain as the orig. So-I had to use the Sissal rug (whch was 9'6" x 12' and cost me $60 at a consignement store) in there to cover the join.
I now have a cream and blue rug and purchased a cream and diff' shades of blue broad stripe arm chair and a cream leather sofa (which I don't like!) Have created the seating area around where the steps come down into the LR from Dining room. Sofa is across the room with its back to the front door and the chair is opposite it at a slight angle about 4 ft in front of the door into the bedroom. I'm happy(ish) with the arrangement as I can now create a second area where you walk in front door- like a hallway with some sort of storage /desk/seating. Would like smethng with some height as everything seems low at the moment.
Also, TV is against the wall of windows as we wanted to face that way to make most of view, but I don't know what to put the TV on. thought about a floating shelf attached to the wood which runs all along the wall between the windows.
Also undecided what to do re ceiling fan/light fixture. Might just scrap it all together as it's not centred on anything!
The wiring runs down the beam which isn't in the middle of the seating area , or even the room,either length or width wise!
Could take the wiring further down the beam but a single fitting still wouldn't be centered on anything lengthways and would hang lower in the room. Wondered about a track system with mini pendant lights going across between 2 beams which would then be centered on the seating area, but can't visualize it! I would love to have something more contemporary up there and if we were staying I would want a fan, but not sure that people here use fans that much anyway.
Could scrap the central light completely- we never use the light part and wondered about getting some plug in (read IKEA maybe!) sconce style (loosely) wall lights for the far corners of the room where there are outlets conveniently placed!

I would love to try the TV somewhere else so it's not right in front of the window and we're not sitting facing the back wall and we can still easily walk from front door up steps into DR and through to the bedroom. In the pics on Houzz there are never any TVs! Of course when we come to sell I could just move the TV into the bedroom/office if it was just on a table in front of the window-as it is now. Sofa has to be across the room otherwise it's either on the back wall and we're all pushed up towards the bedroom end or it's in front of the windows and we're looking at the back wall again!

Sorry for such a long post
April 18, 2013 at 12:08PM   
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No worries, but I do think that it would help if you post more photos of your room. It will give us a better picture (no pun intended) of your room and the dilemmas you're facing.
April 18, 2013 at 12:13PM   
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