What is best way to prevent black bamboo from running?
March 17, 2013
Please share your experience from landscaping or any diy methods. There are bamboo barriers I found online, but I wanted to know if they are effective. How about planter boxes? Everything I found are so expensive. Thanks for sharing.
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Ironwood Builders
Burying terra cotta planters or plastic tubs works...but there are black varieties that are clumping vs. running. Look for them and you won't need a control barrier.
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Check out the American Bamboo society where you can learn fun facts about Bamboo. http://www.bamboo.org/FAQ.html

Yes go with a clumper and find out what climate zone it prefers.
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Black stemmed bamboo phyllostachys Nigra is a leptomorph bamboo and runs. You can stop it doing so with vigilance. Plant a rhizome barrier - which is a thick black plastic about 6mm thick and 1m deep. You need to plant the barrier 90cm below ground and leave 10cm above ground. Ensure you have a tight overlap all the way around the plant(s) so the roots don't find a way out. Bamboo roots are essentially lazy and won't bother to grow deeper than 60cm after that they start to shoot up and out. This is where in spring and fall you need to conduct an seasonal check for any rhizomes that are jumping over the 10cm that are visible.
Cut them immediately. Also cull the center dead or oldest bamboos to allow for interior growth or else the bamboo WILL find a way to escape.
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with over 2000 cultivers of bamboo hopefully the OP can find one they like instead of P nigra, Perhaps clumping timor Black Bamboo would be the right one.
A running bamboo that is kept contained will not reach optimun health. I really recommned contacting a member of the American Bamboo Society for advice. Those guys live and breathe bamboo. There are bamboos for every site and conditions. Trying to contain one that does want to be contained will stress the plant and be an uphill battle.
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