Help for my living room and dining room
March 17, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I have modern things and antique ad such a small space the rest of my family dosent want to get rid of the stuff and we just got more. What can I so to make it look pretty and more spacious. My kids like running around and rolling and I don't know what I can do to make it like that so they can. And the dining room table is really big and should take up alot of teh dining room probably most if it.
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If you can't get rid of the antique store them in the garage and for the dining room try to find a different place for the hutch
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I see lots of interesting pieces in total chaos. Can you afford storage for some of them? I"m thinking you divide your furnishings into warm and cool season, storing the off season, and getting a complete facelift twice a year when you switch out dark, heavy cool weather things for colorful, light warm season furnishings.
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Thank you
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My first question is: WHOSE HOUSE IS IT? Is it yours? Then you call the shots.

You have some nice pieces, but they cannot breathe, neither can you, and it is overwhelming. How can the individual beauties stand out if they are fighting for space? And why is everyone off loading their stuff into your space? Do you HAVE to say YES? No way. Pick a couple of pieces that are dispensable, and call a consignment shop to see about selling those pieces. Or, consider putting the most valuable piece out for auction. The idea is not so much about making a pot load of money from the sale, as to announce to YOUR FAMILY (apparently not your KIDS, since they are too small to do anything but roll around on the floor), that you have drawn the line. Enough is enough.

I'm saying you do not have to live overwhelmed by STUFF. Even if it is GOOD STUFF, you need space for your life. I suggest you put up a sign in your kitchen, or some place you can see it every day:
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I see nice trim and a nice ceiling and great columns. Ask the family to chip in for their storage. Your house should not be a dumping ground for everyone.
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