I need help with a very large frame

maegarazziMarch 17, 2013
I was given a large frame (9x6ft), I was planning on hanging it on the wall and using it to frame my mounted 55" Plasma. The major issue I'm having is figuring out a design that will work and what color(s) to paint it. What would you suggest?
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Do you want to contrast the tv, or blend? Cause if you want to blend/anchor it, then black paint would be the choice.

Otherwise I'd go with a color of any other art/mirror frames you have in the room, or with the color of any wooden furniture in the room.
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I thought of black as well, but I don't have any black in my home. My house has a lot if neutral colors. Also, my mother suggested I paint it close to the mirror frame that's hanging behind it.
I was going to gold leaf it, but my home design is too rustic for flashy gold.

Thank you for your suggestions.
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The color of the mirror frame is a good suggestion. You can't go wrong with all frames in a room the same color, ever.
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Marie Hebson's interiorsBYDESIGN Inc.
What is your style in the rest of your paintings and artwork hanging throughout your house?
I'd stain the large frame the same so that it feels part of a collection.

And, black TV plus dark warm brown / gold picture frame looks amazing, that's why most artists love to have a black border around their work to make the colours pop...
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Usually a frame is built around the TV, so in your situation it would be a bit more tricky.

TV Frames · More Info
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I have a tv panel, personally, not a frame - it helps hides the cables as well as "grounds it" aesthetically.
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Won't the tv stick out past the frame ? I think Dytecture has a point. I used my large frame to make a large bulletin board.
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