Paint Color and Light Fixture Help, Please
Cindy Crane
March 19, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I'm at the end of a kitchen remodel where we removed the half wall that divided the kitchen from a small den. We have done away with the den as well as a formal dining room and will now have a long kitchen with dining where the den used to be.

I have a 4 x 6 pistachio green rug and stand mixer for my accept colors, and am considering painting the walls a light/medium grey. I also have a capiz shell light fixture that I purchased for my office/studio but am thinking I'd LOVE it over my dining table instead. It may be too small, at only 16" wide. The dining area is 12 ft x 16.

Also, I'm thinking of dividing the kitchen/dining area with curtain panels, just for something interesting and unique. I may paint my wood/wicker chairs and am on the lookout for a nice comfy arm chair for the heads of the table. I want this room to have a bed/breakfast feel, what with the fireplace being there. A space where my husband and I can linger over our morning coffee, reading the paper and watching the birds at the feeders outside. But would also be elegant for dinner parties, etc.

For window treatments I'm thinking of bamboo blinds or fabric roman shades. The room gets a ton of light from a southern exposure and few trees, so I worry about fading of fabrics and rugs. I do not have trim around the windows, but we did install crown molding and 6" baseboard in the home.

I've also decided to keep my oval glass table since the fireplace in the corner would make a rectangle feel awkward. I will not likely do a rug, unless its an oval, again because of fading fears. But I may do UV screen type blinds to help with this issue.

I've included pics, some PhotoShop'd, to demonstrate my thoughts. Also a pic of the kitchen at the opposite end of the space. The entire space is 35 feet long, and there will be a 42 x 60 island with seating in the kitchen area.

To re-cap: my issues are (1) paint color recommendations, (2) light fixture advice, and (3) window treatments/curtain room divider ideas.
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Liza Jane Interiors
Interesting photos...your kitchen looks like a farm/country kitchen and your dining area style is so different. I would try to create a more cohesive look between both rooms. I would not use curtains to divide the room. I would find an interesting screen to use. I don't think I like the gray paint - would choose something warmer. I have included some ideas below.
March 19, 2013 at 11:31AM   
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i like the second picture above by LizaJane. It has a bed and breakfast, farmhouse cozy feel that you mentioned. I love your farmhouse sink. The light fixture in the same picture would look great in your space. Your choice of pistacio green keeps it light and fresh.
March 19, 2013 at 11:51AM   
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Supreme Floor Company
I love the kitchen..Just a thot with the lovely white dishes..Paint the back of cabinet the same as your paint color..Good job looks homey..
March 19, 2013 at 12:01PM   
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I think roman shades would work well. Just make sure to line them & then the main fabric won't fade.
March 19, 2013 at 12:05PM   
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Coastal Home Design Studio
I agree with the warmer, richer paint color to juxtapose the nice bright kitchen. Roman shades in the kitchen are fine.......match the dining area to the farm house style in the kitchen. Currently there is a large chasm between styles. I would strongly suggest not separating rooms with curtains or dividers the space is too small and it will be very restrictive. Go with your oval table but use a warm wood, better yet, use the rectangular wood tables that LizaJane mentions above.
March 19, 2013 at 12:24PM   
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A Crew of Two
I like the idea of the Roman shade better than bamboo. Would you consider painting the base of your dining table? I think a soft cream color with some antiquing would tone it down and make it fit the room better. A chandelier with a more substance. I think that one is too small. What about a natural fiber rug? Sisal so you won't have to worry about fading so much. Breakfast Room Jerry Jacobs Design: Interior Design San Francisco Bay Area Cabochon Cream Chandelier Vintage Charm Cream Iron Chandelier - 6 Lt. PB Comfort Upholstered Chair
March 19, 2013 at 1:25PM   
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Cindy Crane
Thanks so very much to all....I have no girly friends here yet in my new town, and so no one to bounce ideas off of. It means so much to me have your advice!

I have recently moved to this home and the kitchen was a major renovation. I went with much more of a farm style than I had in my last 2 homes, both of which had formal dining rooms and my glass top dining table was more appropriately used there.

I am a big fan of the store Anthropology and the boho/European style. I am an artist and I tend to like many different things, therefor much of my decorating is an attempt toward a more eclectic look. A very difficult look to achieve indeed and perhaps is not going to work so well in my small home/space.

I do wholeheartedly agree that my former dining table does not flow with my new open kitchen/dining room, so it is perhaps time to give it up. In fact I have had it listed on CraigsList for several weeks now.

@LisaJane - Love the idea of a screen, I actually have 2 I can pull from other areas of my home. One is still in storage - its wrought iron and holds a gazillion tea lights - so wonderful at a dinner party! I purchased it 2 homes ago to use in my then dining room.

@Kelly - love the PB chairs! I've had my eye on that arm chair for a while now. And I've had my eye on an oval sisal rug, too, so I'm glad to know you agree that would be a good option. I think I have your first photo in my Kitchen Ideabook - I do love that kitchen, especially the B&W tile floor!

@Coastal - a warm wood table is a great idea! It would bring the wood tones from walnut kitchen countertops over to that end of the space - something I've been thinking I should do! I do love my unique wood/wicker chairs. I have had them a long time - perhaps I could paint them off-white and add some lovely cushions to coordinate with some Roman shades?

@nanalea - I was thinking of painting the back of my glass front cabinet in my pistachio accent color, or some variation thereof. And then the walls a light/medium warm grey.

I'm including a pic of the other side of the kitchen which shows what will be a sort of fancy butler's pantry. I'm planning to install a mirror on the backsplash (which is white beadboard now), which will look lovely behind my set of vintage decanters. And I might also put mirror in the back of the glass front cabinets. There will be wine storage between the cabinets. I had my contractor put an opening in the wall next to the ceiling to open up light between the back/front of the house, and I plan to have a custom beveled glass piece made by a local artisan for that area.

So although my kitchen is quite farmhouse style, what with my nickel/glass knobs and the butler's pantry its does have a bit of a more fancy vibe in some respects. Perhaps a chandelier with crystals, like the one in @Kelly's photo, would be just the thing for the dining area.

Oh, you all have such great ideas! Thank you so much!

And if you stuck with me though this epistle, then THANK YOU FOR THAT, TOO!
March 19, 2013 at 3:24PM     
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