What size table do I order?
March 19, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I am getting ready to order the custom copper table for this space. I am paranoid it won't fit. Any suggestions. Hope this photo of the plan helps!!
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Marie Hebson's interiorsBYDESIGN Inc.
I believe your architect has stated you have a 4'8" radius on this drawing, but unless I have an actual to scale print out, I can't be sure of the diameter.

You obviously are having built -in seating put in which is a lovely feature - can you call your drafts person or architect to confirm the diameter? Whomever did up your drawings would be happy to take a second and help you -
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Dezign Studio Inc
3' 6" to 4' 0" diameter table as you need to have 30" - 36" space all around for comfortable seating.
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He drew the table as a 48 inch table. I don't know why I worry so much. The table is custom from an artisan in Mexico so there is no sending it back!!
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Wingren Design
If you have the nook seats built in already, I would use them as a reference. The architect has a gap between seat and table. Generally, I like to have my table overhang seating just a bit.
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Dezign Studio Inc
48" is fine.
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Thanks. I felt overhang was needed too, but the table should move if needed. It is not built in yet! Here is the table and the super cool bar stools for the island!
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Oh lucky you! I once rented a house with an arrangement like this, it was the favorite gathering space in the house. If I remember correctly the table had an overhang of a couple of inches over the seating. The way the architect has it drawn it would seem to me would be very uncomfortable for eating. Since the separation of the seating and table are fixed sit at your dining table and see what is a comfortable position for dining and check what the overhang is. You then need to find out what the inside radius of the seating will be to determine what size the table should be. The 4'8'' may be correct and just drawn that way to make the plan easier to read, but I don't blame you for wanting to make sure!
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It is 48" radius to the back of your seat. Seats are usually 18" deep minimum, but really you want the table to sit over your knees - why we slide into a booth. However, with 30" radius to front of booth, you can figure out how many people could sit there. pi x d = circumference. Let's keep this in inches. A full circle your size would have a front edge in lineal inches of over 180", but since your booth is over half but not quite 2/3, you have around 120" could get 6 easily and up to 8 if there were kids involved.

Tables built for 8 in the full diameter are 72" diameter tables. Let's go at this another way -

Internally, you have at least 8' 6" and possibly 8' 8" from back of booth to opposite wall back of booth. 102" You would normally only allow 12 -16" between back and edge of table (sit at a dining chair and measure from chair to edge of table to see how that works for you personally fo the size of your family). Back of knee across to back of knee is 5' 8" and you want a table that is larger than this so people can sit up to it when they are sitting back.

A 60" or 66" table is therefore too small because people on opposite sides won't be "up to" the table when they sit in the booth. Also, a 60" table seats and possibly 6 all the way around, so you know it is a little small for a place where 6 will fit in just over 1/2.

72" or 78" diameter is the right answer. Some architect will weigh in here, as a double check.

What is drawn is much smaller and all wrong if this is to be a table where people are expected to eat on both sides at once. If the booth built in has a slanted back and deeper seats, so it pushes people forward another 6 inches, 72" would still be my pick but also then 66" would work.

If this is supposed to bea seating and the table is supposed to be incidental (as drawn) a table that serves more of a conversation purpose - with a table that can be pulled to one side or the other for only two or three at a time then you can go down to 52" That would leave the table serving the back third of the booth area for about three grownups in the booth seating and the front side 1/3s open for seating but no table. If you have a family of three, that might be a better choice for you.
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