Dining Room Size and Table
March 20, 2013
My dining room is 15'4 by 13'3. I'm going to lose about 15" on the width because we are planning to open the about 10 feet of the wall between the kitchen and the dining room and put in an island with a breakfast bar. So the working width is really about 12ft. I want to put in a 108" x 48" dining room table in the dining room, so that we can comfortably seat 10 (or 12 with two at the head and foot in a pinch). Do you'll think that can work in that space? If not, what's the biggest dining room table that I can get away with? This is a new house for us, but we always have lots of friends and family coming over and we want to be able to accommodate them.

Thanks in advance for everyone's input.
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Traffic areas need at least 45".
One person takes up 23" width on the table.
Add 15" for a person sitting at the head.

When not using the table for 10, you could of course turn it (or fold in?)
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Floor space needed tor a 108x48 table follows. You need 156" for the long direction of the table and you have 187". It takes 98" for the width and you have 159." That gives 24" for chair scoot and sit area at the table. Allow an additional 18-24" for circulating around the seated diners without bumping into them or the walls and furniture. Take this into consideration as you determine how large a table you can fit, and whether there will be other furniture - buffet, china, server, etc. Consider a round table with extensions that take it to an oval.
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To accommodate your table and allow chairs to be pulled back and stay on your rug, the rug needs to be at least 3' wider than your table all around. So, for your 4' x 9' table you would need a 7' x 12' rug. If you have no rug you still need the 3' extra around to pull the chairs back and then if someone on the end wants to walk out of the room, you need that walking space. rinqreation says 45", maybe you could get a way with less, as I am including the space to pull back chairs. 10' by 15' room, minimum.

Going to be tight quarters with no room for any other furniture.

Have you looked into the round pedestal dining room tables with the shelf leaves?
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Thank you for all of the feedback so far.

@judyg - we don't intend to put a rug in the dining room. The house has some pretty cool art deco cement tiles from when it was originally built in the 1940s.

I really want to have a large farmhouse kind of table such as http://www.etsy.com/listing/104928275/driftwood-dining-room-table-104l-x-34w-x? or http://www.etsy.com/listing/116348388/rustic-harvest-table? . However, as much as I love that look, I want to balance being able to accommodate a lot of people with... I don't know how one would say it, but making sure that the furniture is not too big for the space.

We currently don't have any plans to put anything else in the dining room as the kitchen will (after the reno is finished) extend into a butler style pantry area that houses the linen closet and china cabinet... I have entertained the idea of moving the china cabinet into the dining room to sit along the 3 foot portion of wall that remained between the kitchen and dining room, but that was only in the event there was space to accommodate it after the table and chairs are in.
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Could you do something more bistro? Your room will be 15 by 12. Often it is more fun to be at a smaller table in a larger room. At a long table those at the ends never talk to those at the other end. What if you put three round tables in the room, 4 to a table. Three chandys above each table. Use the new bar as your serving area. Everyone helps themselves and either sits where the place cards are or choose your own, depending on your mood.

I have a lovely long dining table, but more and more I use my bar as the buffet.
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