Need design ideas for our small bedroom with office desk
March 20, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I am need of ideas for this small room that I am cleaning up redoing. In search of bedding, and paint colors, accents, ect. I like when rooms have a splash of color either in pillows or wall color ect. Plus I have a small corner that needs a simple desk for working on computer. Right now it is a mess. But want to clean up and create a nice area. Open to ideas!!
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In your second picture it would appear that you have a desk or something, no? Do you have closets? Personally I can't think when everything is out in the middle of the room - try taking absolutely everything out, gettng in really neat and clean, and the ideas will flow.
March 20, 2013 at 3:33PM   
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I have one closet to the left of the bed, a king size bed, and a window to the right. I am planning on removing all the desk area stuff and need to replace it with some sort of desk in the room. Maybe ikea style. I agree, I need to declutter, I am just looking for some design inspiration, especially having to do with bedding, window treatment and color.
March 20, 2013 at 4:28PM   
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Yikes. Some thoughts. Get some boxes. Go through everything in the room including clothes and get rid of everything you don't use or wear. Take to thrift shop or give away. Pick up things you intend to keep and box. Pick up all clothes, wash and hang up. If you've gone through your closet and discarded many items, you will have a place for everything. Box desk items you don't use often but wish to keep and put away or stack somewhere for now. Do you really need a king size bed? If not, get rid of it and get a queen or even a double. This will give you more room and be easier to make each day. After that is done, come back here with some clear views of your room and add to this message thread. Certainly you need drapes but until we can see at least a tidy room with no clutter, it is almost impossible to get a lot of good ideas for you.
March 20, 2013 at 5:16PM     
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Totally agree, except for one thing - do you sleep alone? If so, a double could work, but iff you have a partner, it's just not an option. Other than that, though, you have to have a neat open space to work with AND you have to have some idea of what you want. I mean, it's totally empty so could run the gamut from pink Louis XV to gray and white minimilist.

Do you like color? Do you like pattern? If you don't know, go out and buy House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Traditional Home, Country Living and Veranda and look through them for ideas of what you like. Then you can make it fit your space and your budget.
March 21, 2013 at 7:32AM   
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