I need more spare for meal preperation
March 21, 2013
I'll be handed my house 3-4 months later. The kitchen furniture will be done by the construction company according to the attached design.
Unfortunately I do not have the right for any exceptional designs during the construction. Of course I can do some changes after the house is handed.
My problem with the design is there are no enough space for preparing meal.
The table like raise from stall-1 may look strange and can be an obstacle to the entrance to the balcony.
I'm not sure but I heard that the stall-1 is made of laminate which is different then stall-2 . I'll ask the constructor to be sure.(I think the difference will look bad)
I also want a table for two (maybe three) people in the kitchen.
I have leak of imagination right now to re-design my kitchen with doing less construction and paying less money.
Can you please help me?
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Is it possible to zoom in more on the floor plan as it's hard to see at the moment what is happening.
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I'll try to have a photo with beter quality. Thanks
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I've remarked the plans
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I've started a new discussion with real photos of the kitchen.
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these are the pictures from my kitchen. what do you think?
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