How to update a wall of bricks.
March 21, 2013 in Design Dilemma
This is the new addition/ family room of our "newly" purchased 1890's farm house. I'm needing help updating this space. We have a more traditional style. FYI-There is a patio door to the right of the brick wall/fire place. The second view is from the brick wall looking back into the room. (now the patio door is on the left). The doorway you see on the left is the 8x7 laundry room and the other doorway is the bathroom. The entrance into the room is to the right of the bathroom doorway. The room is approx. 19x25 feet. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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Why don't you try some book shelves on both sides and paint them lighter color to break the dark color
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Why not some built in cabinet shelving and reduce the amount of brick visible. Of course, you could ask someone who knows what they are talking about. :) See some photos attached...
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I was just looking through a design magazine and it seems that brick walls are the most desired feature! They show up on bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms with a kind of grunge industrial chic look. If you are adventurous could you not play on this idea and adapt your living room to make it a positive feature?

Some good lighting (even uplighting to highlight the textured feature of the wall would be great!)
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Bridlepath Brick Fireplace
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Riddle Construction and Design
Although the brick does not bother me for some design styles I have a bit of a problem with it for an 1890's farmhouse look. I love the above pictures posted but to me they look urban style, not farmhouse style. Adding large tall bookcases to each side with a new mantle is one option as already mentioned. Another option is to apply faux stone over the top of the brick if you are looking for a more rustic look for your farmhouse. Or you could do a combination of both ideas.
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I think brick walls are very cool in the loft style home as well, probably not in the low ceiling farmhouse. I think the built in cabinets (look at photo above with the brick fireplace surround and built ins--home/laugh) are cool. But how about this... Do the built in cabinets to the left and right, with the doors on the bottom, but leave the brick showing through the shelves and around the fireplace. Really tones it down while still leaving the original rustic farmhouse feel as well.
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Thanks everyone for the ideas. The rest of the house is more traditional with the thick, cherrywood trim, so this room just doesn't match. I like the idea of book shelves with the brick showing through and a softer color maybe.
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I like the brick. I think the problem is all the white. Paint everything in warmer colors including the ceiling.
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blrussell, I think you're onto something with painting the white, great idea. It's just a "shocking" room when walking from the warmer rooms in the house. Thanks
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For your style, painting the brick an off white would be a good option. Is that a white shelf for a mantle? It's not right either. Something more substantial in depth( not width, its too long) in a wood --
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Our living room fireplace is similar but has mantel across entire wall (so you might consider that) , it had 70's style paneling above mantel which we painted and added sconces, we painted mantel a soft copper finish, left red brick on bottom. We had a decorator help with colors, which I recommend, painting brick is a one way street if you know what I mean. good luck!
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